10 Benefits of Sunnah Fasting for physical health

One of the worships that has a noble side in the presence of Allah SWT. In addition to mandatory fasting in Ramadan, there are a number of recommended sunna fasts. Among them, fasting Monday Thursday.

The Prophet said, “All human deeds on Monday and Thursday will be examined by angels, therefore I am glad when my deeds are examined I am fasting.” (HR. Tirmidhi)

Many Muslims observe the Fast on Monday To obtain the blessing of Allah. But, in addition to blessings, there are also benefits of Fasting Monday Thursday for health.

1. Maintain heart health

Fasting Monday Thursday turned out to be useful to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, which is clogged arteries due to fat particles. When fasting, fat will be used as an energy reserve.

The hormones adrenaline and non-adrenaline will also be reduced. It helps the body to keep its metabolism stable, so that blood pressure can drop.

Referring to some studies, incorporating fasting into a routine may be very beneficial in terms of heart health. Regular Monday fasting can help reduce levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

2. Remove Toxins in the Body

In addition, fasting Monday Thursday can help remove toxins in the body. Toxins mixed in fat, blood, or other parts come from food and drink consumed daily.

In addition to exercising, the way to remove this poison is to fast. When a person stops eating food and drinks for at least a day, toxins can be excreted effectively.

The production of toxins can be through sweat, urination or when defecating. When these toxins have come out, then the body will feel healthier and fitter.

3. Lower Fat Content

Another benefit of Fasting Monday Thursday is lowering fat levels. This is because excess fat in the body can cause various problems such as cholesterol and heart.

Therefore, excess fat in the body must be eliminated. One of the benefits of Fasting Monday Thursday is that it helps eliminate unhealthy fats.

When fasting, the body uses fat as a source of energy. As a result, excess fat will be reduced and the body will avoid disease disorders. Among them, high blood pressure or cholesterol.

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4. Rest digestive organs

The digestive system is very busy and requires a large amount of energy. The digestive system can even drain the energy needed for the general healing, repair and maintenance of the body. Therefore, it made sense to give him an occasional break.

The human digestive system also needs to rest in a certain time in order to work optimally. When fasting Monday Thursday, digestion will routinely rest from the pressure of digesting food.

With demikina, the function of the digestive system will continue to maintain its performance. A healthy digestive system will keep humans away from digestive diseases. For example, stomach problems, constipation, diarrhea, and much more.

5. Blood Sugar Control is good for health

The fifth benefit of Fasting Monday Thursday, which can regulate blood sugar levels. Fasting will make the body destroy glucose to get energy.

This will decrease the body’s insulin production. As a result, the body will experience a decrease in blood sugar. Fasting Monday Thursday routinely helps prevent blood sugar spikes.

Furthermore, the benefits of fasting will help reduce insulin resistance. Reducing insulin resistance can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Thus, it allows it to move glucose from the bloodstream to the cells more efficiently.

6. lowering Lust

Fasting in Islamic religious beliefs does occupy a noble position. In addition to getting a great reward, people who diligently fast will also be blessed with tenderness of heart and their lust for the world will be reduced.

7. Lower The Risk of Stress and Increase Peace of Heart

As for the benefits of fasting Monday Thursday spiritually, which can reduce stress and mental stress. Optimal mental health conditions can certainly help Muslims achieve success easily.

Another spiritual benefit of Monday Fasting, which can increase peace of heart. That is, fasting allows a person to feel clean soul and body.

8. Smooth Metabolism

Not only that, the benefits of Fasting Monday Thursday can also increase metabolism by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. By fasting, the body must survive for hours without food and drink, use sources of fat, and transport toxins from the body.

By breaking the fast using a balanced nutritious diet, metabolism will be re-awakened and increase energy levels. Types of foods that need to be consumed when breaking and sahur include fruits that are rich in fiber, vegetables, wheat, lean protein, and mineral water.

9. Lose Weight

Because it launches metabolism, Fasting Monday Thursday is beneficial for weight loss. Fasting is more effective than calorie restriction for fat loss.

Fasting at the same time can keep muscle tissue strong. Fasting will not provide drastic weight loss. It’s just that, if you fast and pay attention to the nutrients consumed, then weight loss can be achieved.

The benefits of Fasting Monday Thursday also increase blood fat and help with weight loss. During fasting, the cells are suppressed and this can help you lose weight. Fasting can also help maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

10. Boost the Immune System for health

The last benefit of Fasting Monday Thursday for health, which can increase immunity or the immune system. Fasting can also help promote cell regeneration and prevent organ damage due to free radicals.

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