10 Facts of the Kaaba That Many People Don’t Know Yet

There is no place most revered on earth, other than the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. There is no holy place for Muslims except the building in the Hejaz region.

Every day, millions of Muslims in all corners of the world pray by making the Kaaba a Qibla. Every day thousands of people run around this sacred building. Make a laugh. It’s never quiet, 24 hours a day.

This cube-shaped building became a great history for mankind, especially muslims. It was once about to be destroyed, but the building shrouded in black silk was still stoutly standing.

Repeatedly Reconstructed

10 Facts of the Kaaba That Many People Don't Know Yet
10 Facts of the Kaaba That Many People Don’t Know Yet

The kaaba we see today is not exactly the same as that built by The Prophet Ibrahim and Ishmael. Over time, the Ka’ba has undergone reconstruction due to damage, both due to natural disasters and human actions.

Major reconstructions also occurred during the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Even then there was almost bloodshed because each tribe wanted to bring the Hajar Aswad to be installed in the Kaaba.

Finally the Prophet Muhammad decided the black stone was brought with a cloth and the scrambling tribes could bring it together. So as to avoid bloodshed.

Since the reconstruction of the Prophet’s time, there has been an average of one major reconstruction every few centuries. The last renovation took place in 1996 and was very thorough, leading to the replacement of many stones and re-strengthening the foundation and the new roof.

The renovation [hopefully] will be the last reconstruction for centuries, as it was done using modern techniques, so that the building is safer and more stable than before

Kaaba Never Have Two Doors and One Window

The Kaaba originally had two doors. First to get in, and the other to get out. But at some point the Kaaba had one window on one side. But now the Ka’ba only has one door without a window anymore

Kaaba was Colorful

Currently, we only see the Kaaba covered by kiswah made of black silk with calligraphic embroidery of gold thread. The form began in the Abbasid dynasty. Before that, the Kaaba was covered with cloth of several colors, including green, red, and even white.

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Key of kaaba Held by One Family

10 Facts of the Kaaba That Many People Don't Know Yet
10 Facts of the Kaaba That Many People Don’t Know Yet

After the time of the Prophet Muhammad, some aspects of the guardianship of the Kaaba have changed. Everything related to hajj rituals is alternately controlled suk-suku Qurasy. One by one lost control of the trust.

But one thing hasn’t changed. Key holder. It is held by only one family, descendants of bani Shaiba. When conquering Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad returned the key to Osman ibn Talha.

The Prophet said the key would be held by this family for generations until the End. The key will not be taken, except by unjust, tyrannical, oppressive rulers. For any king and ruler who will enter the Kaaba must obtain permission from the family of this key holder

Kaaba Never Open to Everyone

In the past, the Kaaba was opened twice a week for anyone who wanted to pray. But as more and more pilgrims, it is now only opened twice a year for officials and special guests only


The location of the Kaaba in the valley was once a problem. When the rain came, floods hit Mecca. In the past, drainage or waterways in Mecca have not been as good as they are now. So the flood flooded around the Kaaba.

The most recorded flood occurred in 1941. At that time the flood occurred until it reached the neck of an adult. In previous times, floods had also flooded the Kaaba.

King’s Plaque

Over the years many people wondered what the conditions were like in the Kaaba. The inside of the Kaaba is now lined with marble and green cloth covering the upper walls.

On the wall there is a plaque engraved with the name of the ruler who did renovations on this House of God.

The Kaaba in the Sky

The Quran and Hadith mention the existence of Baitul Makmur in the sky. There are several interpretations about Baitul Makmur. Some commentators call this the Ka’ba of the ‘inhabitants’ of heaven.

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Hajar Aswad Broke

The Hajar Aswad attached to the Ka’ba broke into pieces. The fragments were reunited in a frame made of silver.

Some claimed that the destruction of the Hajar Aswad was the Umaiyah forces that besieged Mecca at that time under the control of Abdullah ibn Zubayr.

But apparently all agreed that caused the disintegration of the stone that is said to come from heaven was the Ismaili group of Bahrain called Qarmatians.

They say hajj is an act of superstition. They also killed tens of thousands of pilgrims and dumped their bodies in zamzam wells.

Dissatisfied with the barbaric act, they then took the Hajar Aswad. They took him eastwards and then hid him in Kufah, Iraq. They then demanded a ransom until they were forced to hand over the stone by Caliph Abassiah.

When it was returned, the stone was already fragmented. And the only way to keep the stones intact is to tie them with a silver frame. Some historians have told us that there are still some parts of the stone missing.

Kaaba Originally is not a Cube

Kaaba Originally is not a Cube
Kaaba Originally is not a Cube

Originally, the Ka’ba was not cube-shaped, but rather rectangular or block. When the Ka’ba was rebuilt, the Quraysh created a circular foundation with simple brick covering a semicircular area called Hijr Ismail, to mark the original dimensions of the Ka’ba.

While doing renovations, the Quraysh were underfunded. Indeed before renovating they agreed to use only halal money. However, due to lack of funds, the construction could not be completed as the original form. The Kaaba was built smaller than its original form, so it was cube-shaped.

During his life, The Prophet Muhammad wanted to build the Ka’ba in its original form. But before the intention was fulfilled, the Prophet Muhammad had died. The form we currently see is the same form when the Prophet Muhammad was alive

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