10 Female Companion of the Prophet Muhammad

The companion of the prophet are people who accompany, interact, and have a close relationship with the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

If you mention the companion of the Prophet, of course familiar with the names of Abu Bakr Ash Siddiq, Umar ibn Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan, Thalhah ibn Ubaidillah, and so on.

In addition to these names, the Prophet Muhammad was also surrounded by female friends who also helped to fight for the message of Islam.

The following is a summary of 10 names of female companion of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who are rarely known but have a significant contribution in broadcasting and fighting for Islam.

1. Arwa bint Abdul Muttalib (Female Companion)

Arwa bint Abdul Muttalib includes women who were seen in the time of Jahiliah and the time of Islam. She is also the aunt of the Prophet who has clear ideas.

Arwa bint Abdul Muththalib was one of the women who most persistently defended Rasulullah and told her son, Thulaib bin Umair, to always be obedient and obedient to Rasulullah.

2. Gazalah Al-Haruriah

The wife of Syabib bin Yazid Al-Haruri is known as a brave and agile woman. She took part in several battles like other Islamic fighters.

There is a popular story about her that Hajjaj ran away because he was unable to face her in a battle.

3. Hindun bint Utbah bin Rabiah

A female companion from the tribe of Quraish who is famous for the volume of her voice and sparking glorious ideas. She is also proficient in oratory.

Before converting to Islam, Hindus often aroused the spirit of the polytheists to attack the Muslims.

Then She converted to Islam at the time of the conquest of Mecca and had the opportunity to follow the Battle of Yarmuk. He actively developed the spirit of the Muslims in the fight against the Roman army.

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4. Juwairiah bint Abu Sofyan

A friend and female fighter who also attacked the enemy directly in the Battle of Yarmuk. Juwairiah also took part in various other battles that proved that she was an agile woman warrior.

5. Khaulah bint Azwar Al-Asadi

Khaulah is a figure of mujahidah and a brave woman similar to Khalid bin Walid in his military activities. Her name sticks with the history of the conquest of the Syrian states.

She is also good at poetry that describes glory and grandeur.

6. Laila Al-Gifariah (Female Companion)

This respected female companion of the Prophet often followed the Prophet to the battlefield to treat sick and wounded fighters.

As a mujahidah and nurse, Laila also went to war in Basrah in the Battle of Jamal in the ranks of Ali bin Abu Talib.

7. Mu’adzah bint Abdullah Al-Adawiah

Mu’adzah Al-Adawiyah was a woman of worship in the time of tabi’in. She was left to die by her husband who died on the battlefield. She lived alone until his death at the age of 83 years.

Mu’adzah is a hadith expert who narrated many hadiths from ‘A’ishah ra and Ali bin Abu Talib. She is one of the trusted narrators who reached the level of siqah and hujjah in the science of hadith.

8. Qatilah bint Harits bin Kaldah

Qatilah is a female poet who is also the sister of Kisah An-Nadhar Ibnul Harits who opposed the preaching of Islam and often hindered people who wanted to meet the Prophet.

After converting to Islam, Qatilah narrated many hadiths from the Prophet.

9. Rufaidah al-Anshariyah (Female Companion)

Rufaidah al-Anshariyah included influential women in the time of the Prophet. She embraced Islam and pledged allegiance to the Prophet after migrating to the city of Medina.

Rufaidah was involved in two wars, the Khandaq War and the Khaibar War as a medical volunteer.

Rufaidah is known as an intelligent woman who loves to read and record the Qur’an. She came from a well-to-do wealthy family. Since converting to Islam, Her wealth has been donated to help the struggle of the Prophet.

10. Syifa bint Abdullah Al-Adawiah Al-Qurasyiah

The female companion of the Prophet is a prominent person. In the age of ignorance, Shifa was already good at reading and writing.

After converting to Islam, She taught the Prophet’s wife, Hafshah bint Umar to read and write. Rasulullah gave her a house in Madinah. In fact, it is mentioned that Umar ibn Khattab always gave priority to her opinion.

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