10 Iniquity of the children of Israel (Bani Israil)

10 Iniquity of the children of Israel (Bani Israil)

The Children of Israel (Bani Israil) are a nation repeatedly mentioned in the Qur’an. The stories in the Qur’an are also much told about the nation.

Unfortunately, not a few of the stories are depictions of bad human nature or character. The House of Israel was known for its disobedience to the command of God.

The word ‘Israel’ actually means Abdullah (servant of God). This is the title given to the Prophet Yaqub. He was the son of Ishaq, and the grandson of Abraham. His generation was known as the House of Israel.

Allah (SWT) sends many Prophets to them but every time they ignore and disobey God’s commands. So they were punished.

Their main disobedience is the reason the punishment is inflicted upon them.

What are the forms of disobedience or iniquity of the Children of Israel towards Allah SWT?

1. The murder of the prophets

There are many prophets whose people have been killed including dozens of unspecified prophets.

One of the most famous murders was the murder of The Prophet Zacharias. The Children of Israel killed not only the prophet Zacharias but also The Prophet Yahya, son of Zacharias.

While when people tried to kill The Prophet Jesus by crucifying him, Allah SWT made a miracle to save him by lifting him up and bringing a man who looked like him in lieu of crucifixion to save him as mentioned in the Qur’an.

2. Worship idols

And when Moses went forty days to receive revelation from God, his people who were left behind became troubled because they did not know that God had extended Moses’ time by ten more days.

Samiri, a man who tended to be evil, suggested that they find themselves another guide, because the prophet Moses was considered to have broken his promise.

He said to them: “To find the right guidance, you need a deity, and I will provide it for you.”‘

So he gathered all their gold ornaments, dug a hole where he laid the earth, and lit a great fire to melt it.

During that time, he threw some dust, making witch-like actions to impress the fools. From molten metal he made golden calves. It was empty, and the wind that passed through it produced sound.

Because superstition is embedded in their past, they quickly associate a strange voice with something supernatural, as if it were a living god and accept it as a god.

3. Rejecting the Torah

After the calf incident, the Children of Israel refused to accept the Torah as the word of God.

Then Moses spoke to God, demanding to see God himself. God cursed them and a lightning strike occurred. It kills them.

However, because of the prayers and miracles of Moses, God raised them up again as He would after death.

4. Making Prophet Jesus a son of God

They made Jesus, son of Mary, a god, and he was a prophet who was commanded to worship Allah.

Pillars of Islam and Iman (Faith)

5. Talut Warning to avoid drinking water

When Talut took his army against Jalut, he clearly forbade his soldiers from drinking water in the river, but the Israelites did not obey God’s command and ultimately failed the divine test.

6. Refusing to enter Jerusalem

The Children of Israel were commanded to go to Jerusalem and conquer it. The Children of Israel refused to enter by saying that the people of Kannan were strong and they could not enter it.

They were later sentenced to walk into the desert for 40 years.

7. Convert the word Hitatunn to Hintatun

In Joshua’s leadership, the House of Israel fought against the Cannanites and won.

They were commanded to enter the city with their heads down and say Hitatunn (repentance) but instead they called the word Hintatun (wheat) so that they were punished with the Plague.

8. Manna and Salwa

Manna and Salwa were the kind of food given to the Children of Israel (the people of Moses).

And when Moses was living with the six hundred thousand children of Israel in Teeh, he asked for food to satisfy the hunger of those who were with Him.

He sent down two heavenly feasts for them from heaven at the request of Moses.

One is “Manna” and the other is “Salwa”. But the House of Israel refused to settle for one meal and asked for another worldly meal.

9. Talut Selection

The Children of Israel rejected Talut as their leader because he was poor and came from a different lineage. So God gave the Ark a covenant to make them accept talut.

10. Harut and Marut

Harut and Marut were two angels sent by God to Babylonia. The names of these two angels are mentioned in the Qur’an in sura Al Baqarah verse 102.

Both were sent to teach magic to the people of Babil. They teach not to do evil, but to explain the nature of magic.

Harut and Marut then conveyed the basics of magic and how to eliminate the great circle of magic made by the Jews.

However, after the two died, the people of Babil City did not follow what was ordered. Rather, they did mischief with the magic taught by both of them, so the more corrupt the land

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