10 Privileges of Women In Islam

How Privileges Women In Islam ?

In Islam every Muslim has many privileges. As a woman, wife, and mother, a Muslim woman is highly glorified of her role in life.

Is it true that women’s prayers are more permissible than men’s because of a woman’s loving nature that is stronger than men’s. When this was asked to the Prophet (pbuh), he replied: “The mother (woman) is more compassionate than the father (man) and the prayers of the merciful will not be in vain.”

The answer of the Prophet (pbuh) clearly illustrates how noble the Muslims are with all their privileges. And here are 10 reasons why women are so special in Islam.

1) A righteous woman is better than 70 righteous men.

2) Women who live with their children will live with me (Rasulullah SAW) in heaven.

3 Heaven is under the soles of mother’s feet.

4) When a woman prays five times, fasts during Ramadan, maintains her honor and obeys her husband, enter from the door of Paradise wherever she wants.

5) Every woman who helps her husband in religious affairs, then Allah SWT put her into heaven earlier than her husband (10,000 years).

6) If a woman conceives a fetus in her womb, then the angels are there for her. Allah SWT records for him every day with 1,000 good deeds and eliminates from him 1,000 evils.

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7) When a woman starts to get sick about maternity, then Allah SWT records for her the reward of the one who strives in her way.

8) One saliha woman is better than 70 guardians.

9) Wives who serve well husbands who return home in a weary state will be rewarded like jihad.

10) If the wife serves the husband without treachery will get a reward of 12 years of prayer.

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