10 Reasons : Why Wudu Good for Your Health?

In performing worship, Muslims are obliged to purify themselves. Chastity encompasses two aspects, birth and mind. One way of purifying yourself in the teachings of Islam, namely Wudu.

Wudu is one way to eliminate hadas, namely small hadas. Wudoo’ is usually done before worship that requires to purify from small hadas, such as prayer. Wudu aims to purify oneself and the soul.

Wudu provides enormous benefits for health. Not only wash the body parts with water, but also can maintain health and prevent various diseases.

Wudu is one of the valid requirements of prayer for Muslims when going to establish prayers. Therefore, muslims are very familiar with wudu activities.

At least muslims do wudu five times a day when they want to pray fardhu 5 times.

Allah also said in the Qur’an surah Al Maidah verse 6 to do wudu before performing prayers. The Word reads as follows which means:

“O you who have believed, when you are about to pray, wash your face and your hands to the elbows, and wipe your heads and your feet to your ankles… “

benefits of wudu for health:

Not only to purify yourself from hadas, it turns out that wudoo’ also has benefits for the health of the body. Thus, people who always do prayers will be healthier than people who can not keep their prayers properly.

Some of the benefits of wudu for health are:

1. Prevent from germs.

Although ablution water is not chemical water, wudhu water can improve human health. Ablution water that flows to the limbs can clean germs that may be attached to the wudu’s members.

2. Strengthen the facial muscles.

One of the ordinances of wud’ is gargling. Well, this gargling movement is what can help strengthen the facial muscles.

Gargling will strengthen the facial muscles and keep the lips well hydrated, and can prevent chapped lips.

3. Increase concentration.

Wudu can also make a person concentrate more because wudu also rubs his head with water.

When washing water to the head, there will be a fresh effect on the head that makes the mind calm and easy to concentrate.

Neuroscientists say that ablution water that cools the nerve endings of the fingers and toes can affect concentration and mind.

4. Prevent wrinkles on the face.

Prevent wrinkles on the face
Prevent wrinkles on the face

Wudu by washing the face can actually help prevent wrinkles on the face. Washing your face can rejuvenate facial skin cells and help prevent wrinkles.

In addition, a Muslim is also advised to do wudu before going to bed. This includes the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah which aims to keep every Muslim in a holy condition in every situation, even while sleeping.

It is narrated from al-Barra’s friend ibn ‘Azib, the Messenger of Allaah said:

“When you come to your bed, do wudoo’ as you do wudoo’ for prayer.” (HR. Al-Bukhari

5. Maintain respiratory health with wudu

In wudu, there is a term istinsyaq. Istinsyaq is sunnah in wudu i.e. inhaling water into the nasal cavity.

In the world of health, istinsyaq means washing the nasal cavity from all kinds of impurities that are in it.

Wudhu can clean the nose from dust to bacteria. Inhaling water into the nasal cavity can help wash all germs or allergies due to dust or bacteria and viruses from the nose.

6. Wudu Is Good For Your Blood circulation.

Blood circulation
Blood circulation

When wudoo’, the skin comes into direct contact with water. When exposed to water, there will be normalization of body temperature.

This happens because of the meeting of hot temperatures in the body with cold temperatures of water. The body becomes cool and blood circulation becomes smooth.

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7. Wudu Can Keep Your heart stable.

Keep the heart stable
Keep the heart stable

Related to the previous benefits, when the circulation of the body is smooth, then the work of the heart becomes optimal.

This can prevent the blockage of blood vessels and prevent the body from the risk of heart attack.

Based on the research of internal medicine and heart disease specialists, Dr. Ahmad Syauqy Ibrahim in London explained that dipping the limbs into the water will restore the weak body to strength.

In addition it reduces the inability of nerves and muscles, normalizes heart rate, overcomes anxiety and insomnia or insomnia.

8. Maintain the digestive system with Wudu

According to one German health expert, Prof. Dr. Jamieson revealed that cleaning and bathing is very beneficial.

Not only cleanse but also strengthen the skin and refresh the body and stimulate digestive devices in substance exchanges.

Wudhu is part of cleaning the body from impurities, so as to maintain the health of the digestive system.

9. Prevent skin cancer

Prevent skin cancer.
Prevent skin cancer.

A study conducted by a researcher named Mokhtar Salem, has suggested the results that wudoo’ can prevent skin cancer.

Skin cancer is mostly caused by chemicals that daily stick and seep into pores. So by doing wudoo’, chemicals attached to the skin will dissolve wasted with water.

10. Prevent foot fungus.

Wudoo’ by washing both feet can get rid of dirt, foot odor, prevent mold, and dirt in the nail area.

Usually dirty feet will be easier to get mold. Thus the feet that are always cleaned with ablution water will be cleaner than the feet that have never been exposed to ablution water.

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