10 Tips for Getting Halal Food When Traveling to Europe

For those of you Muslim travelers who have plans to vacation to countries in the Blue Continent region, maybe the ease of finding halal food is one of your considerations when preparing travel plans.

Indeed, getting halal food there is not as easy as in Indonesia, considering that the majority of the population in most European countries is non-Muslim. However, that does not mean that finding halal food is difficult.

1. First understand the culture of the destination country

Before embarking on an adventure in Europe, we need to really understand the culture in the country we are going to in Europe.

There are some European countries that majority of the population converts to Muslims, such as Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia, so finding halal food is certainly not difficult.

What if you want to go to a non-Muslim country? Quietly, in some European countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France, the Muslim population is also large enough that looking for halal stores is also not too much of a problem.

But in some other countries such as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, finding halal food may be more challenging due to a smaller Muslim population. Well that’s why, research on the country you will visit can be very useful later,

2. Be sure to choose halal food or vegetarian menu options on board

When we choose an airline that is the flag carrier of a Muslim country, there is no need to worry about food because most likely the food served is halal.

However, if we choose to use the services of airlines from non-Muslim countries, we must understand that most likely the food served is not halal.

But, there is no need to worry because many overseas airlines can provide halal menu (halal / moslem meal) or vegetarian through pre-order when booking airline tickets.

If you forget to pre-order and are lucky to be able to choose many menus on the plane, you should choose a menu of fish, seafood, or vegetarian and avoid meat menus that are not yet clear the status of the page.

3. Utilizing halal food restaurant pointer app

Going to a halal-labeled restaurant or restaurant can be the most practical way to get halal food in Europe. Currently, not a few restaurants in the European region that peddle halal food, you know.

This can not be separated from the many Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa who set up restaurants and provide halal cuisine to attract Muslim travelers.

The good news, there are currently many applications that are ready to make it easier for us to find this halal restaurant, such as Crave Halal, Halal Dining Club, Halal-Navi, Zabihah, Halal Trip, Haloodie, Irhal, and many more.

This is the most Muslim-friendly city in Europe

In addition, of course, you can still use Google right. If halal restaurants are difficult to find, going to a vegetarian or seafood restaurant can also be an alternative.

But stay alert yes gengs just in case the food seller mixes pork oil or alcohol into his food.

4. Looking for a doner kebab stall

Well, in many countries in western Europe, finding a doner kebab stall is quite easy. Most kebab traders in western Europe are Muslim immigrants from the Middle East so it is halal.

In general, the price of kebabs is quite affordable, although it depends on the standard price in a country or city. Serving kebabs is also quite fast and usually in the form of takeaway, so it is perfect for those of you who do not feel at home for a long time in the restaurant.

Eitss, however, in some eastern European regions such as serbia, there are also kebabs that are not halal because they are made from pork so it is advisable to be observant and diligent when buying this confectionery while traveling in Eastern Europe.

5. become a vegetarian

Halal according to Islam is not only the raw material, but also the process so that when we are in a non-Muslim country, we can not eat chicken, goat, or beef.

Who knows for sure the chicken we eat there is slaughtered with or without mentioning the name of God? Yep, thus, avoiding eating meat is the most “safe” way to get halal food in Europe.

Simply consume vegetable, fruit, fish or seafood products, eggs, and milk that is clearly idolatry. It’s easy to get, cheap and healthy.

6. Hunting for groceries to halal food stores

In some countries in Europe, especially in major cities, finding halal shops is not difficult. In most places in Europe especially in France, these shops can be more easily found around the mosque area.

The stores are usually owned by Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, Asia, or Africa.

These stores usually not only peddle halal meat, but also vegetables and fruit, various spices and spices, various snacks, to Asian food products such as tempeh and tofu and also Middle Eastern food products.

7. If you can’t find a halal store, check the emulsifier code or halal label when buying groceries in the store or supermarket

If you want to make sure the food products you buy in stores or supermarkets in Europe are halal, you can simply look at the emulsifier code used in the product.

Then, by googling or using the application, you can check the status of a product with the emulsifier code.

This emulsifier code can be easily found in a variety of food products, drinks, and even cosmetics. Fun right.

In addition to the emulsifier code, there are also halal labels listed in some food products, although quite rarely. In some public supermarkets in the Netherlands, we can find fresh meat products that are labeled halal.

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