10 Tips for Teaching Girls Islamically

The presence of children becomes the most beautiful gift in the household. Caring for and educating children and girls is the same.

However there is a special education for girls, as it is rather difficult to look after girls rather than boys. There is a priority for families who take good care of their daughters into adulthood. Their daughter will be a hindrance from the fire of hell.

This is according to the hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

There are many virtues that women have. A young woman can be the savior of her parents in the hereafter.

When a woman is married and becomes a mother, heaven is under her feet. Therefore, we must not underestimate women.

Nevertheless, the apostle also said that the most inhabitants of hell are women. Because it is the nature of women who are easily plunged into bad things.

1. Teaching noble morals

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was the man who had the most praiseworthy morals. And it becomes a guide or example for Muslims.

The Apostle also often taught his children how to behave well to his fellow human beings. Usually this is taught by the apostle through the stories of the prophet and the delivery of verses of the Qur’an.

2. Teaching the science of Tawhid (the concept of divinity)

The basis of Islam is the science of tawhid, the concept of divinity. The first thing parents should teach their daughters is about God.

3. Teaching religious science (Salat, Fasting, and worship)

4. Teach children to be devoted to parents

5. Teaching housework to girls

To educate girls, Prophet Muhammad shalallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam taught about homework. Like cooking, washing clothes and cleaning the house. This is also important in Islam. Because after all the nature of women in Islam is to be a wife not to make a living for the family.

7. Provide general education and understanding of women’s fiqh

Parents are obliged to protect their daughters. Protecting can be interpreted as providing a decent education, be it religious or general education (such as language, mathematics, science, or social).

8. Be loving to daughter

The Prophet also set an example for us to be gentle with girls. It’s okay to let children play with dolls or other toys in the house, as long as it does not violate religious sharia.

He also often held his daughters, rubbed her head, called her gently, and prayed for them. Do not be rude to the girl, let alone beat her.

This will only make the child more discouraged. If the child makes a mistake, you should give good advice.

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9. Teach how to socialize and good adab

A girl should also be given an education on how to get along since childhood. It’s good for parents to explain about the limits of getting along with men.

As the apostle did, he taught his daughter to sleep apart from a boy from the age of 10.

He also explained the importance of women to keep their eyes, and look so as not to resemble men.

In addition, do not forget to give examples to children to be well civilized and in accordance with religious sharia. Starting from adab dressed, adab eat, adab talk to others, adab dressed, there is sleep and so on.

Thus these teachings will be embedded in the child’s mind until he grows up.

10. Not restraining children for playing

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