11 Animals Mentioned in the Quran

1. Crows

Modern research lately has only realized that crows have intelligence above average other animals that were previously known to be intelligent such as dogs, dolphins, elephants, and chimpanzees.

The bird’s intelligence has caught the attention of scientists to further examine it through a series of experiments. As a result, it is known that this bird is very creative using its logic to solve problems.

2. Horse

11 Animals Mentioned in the Quran
11 Animals Mentioned in the Quran

Quran Surah Al-Adiyaat. Horses are agile, agile and resilient animals to explore various terrains on the surface of the earth. Almost all the nations of the world make horses as their vehicle of war.

Allah has designed the body of a horse firmly and balanced to support when he runs fast so as not to fall easily. While the shape of his curves are proportionally very comfortable to ride, even according to research can have a good effect on the health of the rider’s back.

3. Termites

Qur’an of An-Naml. The specialty of termites can penetrate thick walls and perforate hard objects such as plastic to reach their targets. Uniquely, this difficult job is done by worker termites who turn out to be blind.

4. Hud Hud Bird

Qur’an of An-Naml. Hud Hud bird has physical ability and qualified cruising memory. To travel through space for miles with an advanced navigation system so as not to get lost and be able to return safely.

5. Spiders

11 Animals Mentioned in the Quran
11 Animals Mentioned in the Quran

Al ‘Ankabut verse 41. A surprising fact revealed by modern scientists, the thread of the spider that looks fragile turns out to be stronger than steel though.

5. Bees


An-Nahl. This honey-producing insect is often used as a excuse as a shalih person. Where he takes the good and brings out the good. In the Qur’an the name of the bee is used as a letter name, namely Surat An Nahl.

In this letter, God reveals to bees to make hives in the hills, trees, and buildings that man and bees obey.

6. Ants

Qur’an surat An-Naml. Ants are the only animals other than humans that can fight with complex organized groups, against other groups that are also organized.

They fight for territory or food sources from other ant colonies. Sometimes, these wars end in the total defeat of one side, so that the surviving ants will be used as slaves to work in the victorious colony.

8. Dog


Araaf verse 176. Dogs are known to be intelligent animals, their olfactory power is great and humans can be relied upon to help with their work. But Muslims are forbidden to touch their saliva.

In one study, a dog’s saliva was the place of sweat so that all the bacteria collect on its tongue. Dog saliva of any kind is harmful to humans because it contains various types of pathogenic bacteria.

Not just Muslims, This five animals also Fasting

9. Donkey

Al Jumu’ah verse 5. In this verse Allah swt mentions donkeys are a symbol of ignorance. Therefore, man must take a shot at not having a donkey-like attitude of life. However, donkeys are also given an advantage.

Cheese from donkey milk from zasavica special nature preserve, Serbia, is said to be the most expensive in the world. That said, Queen Cleopatra also reportedly used soy milk to care for the beauty of her skin.

10. Camel

Quran in Surat Al Ghaasyiyah: 17. Camels are designed to survive in extreme weather in the desert. When a sandstorm hits, his transparent eyelids make him still able to observe the surroundings even though his eyes are closed.

The nose is also designed to have a special cover so that dust and sand do not interfere with breathing. His ability to drink water up to one-third of his body in a relatively fast time and fat supply in his hump up to 40 kg, making him able to survive eight days in a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

11. Flies

Quran surah Al-Hajj: 73. Flies have the intelligence to change direction quickly when flying. Therefore it is so difficult to guess the direction of flying flies. His flying ability is magical. These insects can fly in any direction without fear of being affected by the direction and speed of the wind.

In maneuvering, flies can suddenly change direction in any direction without reducing speed.

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