12 Imam of the Grand Mosque of Mecca

1) Shaykh Dr. Abdurrahman as-Sudais (Imam of the Grand Mosque)

The chief imam of masjid al-Haram. Prof. Dr. Asy-Shaykh Abdurrahman bin Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad as-Sudais or better known as Abdurrahman as-Sudais (Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on February 10, 1960) is the Imam and Khatib of the Grand Mosque who also serves as The General Chairman of the General Manager of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque.

In 2005, he was awarded the 2005 Muslim Prize of the Dubai International Qur’an Award for his services in the fields of the Qur’an and Islam.

His birthplace is more precisely in the city of al-Bukairiyah, which is currently in Qasim Province. He became imam and khatib of the Grand Mosque since 1404 H, first became imam of ashar prayer on 22 Sha’ban 1404 H and first delivered the sermon on 15 Ramadan 1404 H.

2) Sheikh Dr. Saud asy-Syuraim (Imam of the Grand Mosque)

Judges at the high court in Makkah; Deputy of the head imam of Masjidilharam. Prof. Sheikh Saud bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad Al-Syuraim Ph.D is one of the Imams and Khatib of the Grand Mosque, former Judge of the High Court of Mecca and Dean of the Faculty of Justice of um Al-Qura University. I

A became a judge in the High Court of Sharia since 1413 H and taught at the Grand Mosque since 1414 H. He earned his doctorate (Ph.D) and was a professor of Sharia and Islamic studies at um Al-Qura University in Mecca, and was recently appointed Dean and “Specialist Professor of Fiqh” at the University.

He is also known as a researcher in the field of Fiqh and he followed the Hanbali school. Shaykh Shuraim is also a judge and an author who has compiled many books on Aqidah, fiqh, and Arabic poetry. Shaykh Shuraim has led Tarawih prayers and congregational prayers at mecca’s Grand Mosque since 1991.

3) Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al-Juhany

Since 2005 began to lead Tarawih prayers at Masjidilharam, and was appointed imam of Masjidilharam in full in July 2007. Previously, he was an imam at the Prophet’s Mosque of Medina and now he is appointed khatib.

5) Sheikh Maher Al Mueaqly (Imam of the Grand Mosque)

began to be appointed imam in 2007 (he previously led Tarawih prayers at the Prophet’s Mosque of Medina in Ramadan 2005 and 2006). Maher bin Hamad Al Mu’aiqly ahir on January 7, 1969, was an imam of the grand mosque of the holy city of Mecca, the Grand Mosque.

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6) Sheikh Khaled Al-Ghamdi (Appointed after the hajj in 2008)

6) Sheikh Dr. Shalih bin Abdullah bin Hamid

Chairman of the Majlis al-Shura of Saudi Arabia. Shalih bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Nashir Alu Talib was one of the Imams of the Grand Mosque.

Shalih bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Nashir Alu Talib came from Qabilah Fudhul, from Bani Laam, Thay’. He is from Hauthah Bani Tamiim. And he is from a family that knows religion, justice and memorizes the Quran.

He had two sons: ‘Abdul Majiid and Hisham, and 3 daughters. He behaved calmly, humbly and morally high. He attended elementary, middle, and upper levels at Ma’had Tahfiizh in Riyadh.

Then he went to high school majoring in Shari’ah and then he moved from Riyadh in 1414ه to join the level of Majester to judge the comparative department of Fiqh and had graduated in 1417ه.

The approval issued by the crown owner to nominate along with 3 other judges to achieve a doctorate according to British regulations, to achieve the need of the state to achieve state justice.

He works with legally qualified syar’i rehabilitation. Sometimes he is asked to represent the country as a whole when needed.

7) Sheikh Dr. Usamah Khayyath

8) Sheikh Dr.Shalih Alu Talib (Judge at the high court in Makkah) was appointed in 2003.

9) Sheikh Faisal Ghazawi (Appointed after the hajj in 2008).

10) Dr. Faisal Jamil Hasan Ghazawi or better known as Faisal Ghazawi  (born 27 Dhulhijjah 1385 H)

is the Imam of the Grand Mosque, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Da’wah and Ushuluddin of um Al-Qura Mecca University and Deputy Post-Graduate Dean of um Al-Qura Mecca University.

He was appointed Imam of the Grand Mosque in the month of Rajab in 1428 H.

11) Sheikh Bandar bin Abdul Aziz Balilah (Imam of the Grand Mosque)

He is now the Imam and khatib in Masjidilharam. On October 25, 2019, Sheikh Balilah became the first khatib at friday prayer sermon

12) Shaykh Dr. Yassir Bin Rashid Al Dausary

Appointed full imam of Masjidilharam and became the first imam at the inaugural Magrib prayer on October 13, 2019 or 15 Safar 1441 Hijri

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