13 Consequences of Sin in Muslim Life

People often associate every sin committed. Whether it’s a minor sins or even a big sins. We never realize that the consequences of sin can lead to reinforcements or disasters. The Qur’an has told the stories of the ancients who were destroyed by Allah SWT because of their sins.

See the sinfulness of a group of people who disbelieved in the prophet’s command until the punishment was fulfilled. Allah has sent down the punishment and the punishment immediately. The effect is not only on those who sin, but on everyone around them.

Thus Allah has reminded his servant far away in his words:

“And fear what has not only afflicted those of you who are dhalim. And know that Allah is severe in punishment.” Qs. Al Anfal: 25)

One day while the boat was sailing in the middle of the ocean, someone had a hole in it. Then what will happen? So who’s going to drown? Just the perp or the entire crew? Yes everything will certainly sink. Although they did not participate in the destruction but they drowned, as a result of the evil deeds of one person.

That is the result of sin. It is only the one who does it, or he who does it,

It is on this basis that religion obliges us to do amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar. Amar ma’ruf means we are obliged to do good in this world. So that the earth may be at peace and away from corruption. Nahi mungkar means that people should stay away from actions that are forbidden by Allah SWT because it will cause damage.

Natural disasters flooding can naturally be caused by high rainfall. But on the other hand this is due to the sin of the loggers, the sin of littering carelessly. So that resulted in people who do not cut down trees and dispose of garbage receive the impact they do.

The following is the result of sin or sin according to Imam Ibn Qayyim, from his book entitled Al-Jawab Al-Kafi li Man Sa’ala an ad-Dawa’ asy-Syafi

1. Loss of knowledge is Consequences of Sin

Ibn Qayyim explained that science is a light given by Allah SWT to every Muslim heart. Therefore, the sin that violates the command of Allah SWT will extinguish the light.

2. Fall into sin

The meaning is that the sinner will continue to be directed towards other evil deeds. In short, sin will lead to sin, and obedience to the command of Allah SWT will continue to lead him to obedience.

3. Shorten lifespan

Ibn Qayyim also explained that the sin that has been committed will shorten the age and ruin the blessings given to him.

4. Preventing repentance

Sin will prevent the culprit from repenting. And he’s likened to being a prisoner of satan.

5. Be proud of sin

A sinner will gradually make him arrogant and even boast about his deeds.

6. Emptiness of the heart

A sinner will experience loneliness in his heart, namely between himself and Allah SWT. This sense of loneliness will also befall him in aspects of social relationships, especially related to his relationships with good people.

7. The difficulties of life

A sinner will be afflicted by various affairs that make him find it difficult to navigate life. He felt that his sins were not a complicating factor, because he tended to feel that they were difficult to overcome.

8. The darkness of the heart is Consequences of Sin

A sinful person will find darkness in his heart and this will become a reality in his life. His heart and body are weakened to do good and tend to obey sin.

9. Blinding the heart

The Sins causes jealousy in the heart, shame, blurring the light of the heart and blinding the heart.

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10. The degree falls in the eyes of Allah SWT

People who commit sins will be in a low position in the eyes of Allah SWT. His degrees will fall with Him.

11. Bequeath humiliation and ruin the mind

Sins will make the culprit inherited contempt. His mind will also be damaged by darkening the light side of the person.

12. Causes earthquake disasters

The sin that is done will cause exaggeration in the human being and can trigger an earthquake disaster.

13. Destroying state joints

Sins also has an impact on corruption that can damage the order of society and the state. Sin can also bequeath destruction to a country

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