17 Women Who Are Forbidden to Marry

Marriage is the Sunnah of the Messenger that will bring a great reward if done. But not with the following women. Allah swt and His messenger forbade men to marry ten of these women forever.

Instead of reward, marriage with these forbidden women will bring disaster. Not only is it forbidden by religion, but this marriage will have an impact on the health of the offspring who will be born.

Muslims certainly need to know who the women who are forbidden to marry. Given the number of cases of marriage that are suddenly horrendous because it is considered unusual. So who are the women who are forbidden to marry men?

Allah SWT strictly prohibits men from marrying women because of a nasab relationship. This is explained in the qalam of Allah QS. An-Nisaa’ : 23

Based on the above letter can be grouped as follows:

1. His mother. It was the woman who gave birth to him. Including grandmothers, both from the father’s side and from the mother’s side and so on upwards.

2. His daughter. What is meant is the woman who was born because of it, including the granddaughter of the male side as well as from the side of the woman and so on down.

3. His sister, half-mother, half-mother or mother only.

4. ‘Ammah, the father’s sister, whether a sibling, a half-brother or a mother’s sister.

5. Khaalah, the mother’s sister, either a sibling, a half-brother or a mother’s sister only.

6. Daughter of a brother (nephew), and so on down.

7. The daughter of a sister (niece), and so on down.

Allah SWT also prohibits men from marrying women as a couple. This is described in QS. An-Nisa : 23

Forbidden to marry your nursing mother and sisters. [QS. An-Nisa : 23]

Who are the women of that kind?

8. The mother of milk is the mother who breastfeeds her, so it is haraam for both of them to do marriage.

9. Grandmother milk, ie the mother of a woman who has breastfed or the mother of a woman who has breastfed her.

10. Milk child, is the child of a woman who has been breastfed by the man. Including the granddaughter of the milk child.

11. Aunty milk. The sister of the woman who sucks her or her husband’s sister, the one who breastfeeds her.

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12. The nephew of milk, the daughter of a half-brother.

13. You’re a little.

14. In-laws of women and so on.

15. Stepdaughter, provided that there has been sex with the mother of the stepdaughter.

16. Son-in-law, namely his son’s wife, his granddaughter’s wife and so on down.

17. Stepmother, i.e. the father’s ex-wife (For this should not be disyarathkan there must have been a sex between the father and stepmother).


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