2 prophets who had many wives

there are at least 25 prophets whose names are widely known to Muslims. These prophets also had life companions or wives. In fact, there are some who have more than one wife. Who are the prophets who have many of these wives?

Some of them were prophets from among the Children of Israel. Here are 2 prophets who are narrated as having many wives:

1. Prophet Solomon had many wives

The prophet Solomon was the son of the prophet David who was also a king in the kingdom of the Children of Israel. Prophet Solomon had a wife of approximately 100 wives and Allah Almighty. Prophet Solomon had 100 wives and out of the 100 wives there was 1 wife who was most trusted by Prophet Solomon, namely Jaradah.

Regarding the jumlh of the wife of the Prophet Solomon alaihi salam is mentioned in several hadiths of shahih. Among them is the hadith of Abu Hurairah RA, Prophet Muhammad SAW said which means.

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“I will rotate 100 wives will give birth to sons who will later jihad on the road of Allh SAW. Then, Solomon cycled all his wives but no one gave birth to children other than one wife who gave birth to half a child. Then the Messenger of Allah SAW commented, “If Sulaiman said InshaAllah, then his oath did not fail and would have gotten what he wished.” (HR. Ahmad 7715 and Bukhari 5242).

What half a human means is an abnormal human being, born disabled.

2. The prophet David

The prophet David had 99 wives and once fell in love with a woman and the woman already had a husband. the woman was the wife of the commander of the war army. The prophet David at that time planned for the commander of his army to die so that the prophet David could get his wife. Then the woman’s husband was killed and the prophet David married her.

At the time the prophet David worshipped, two men asked for iziin to see the prophet David and according to the rule the two men were not allowed to enter. But the two men were angels whom Allah Almighty sent to give warnings and teachings to the Prophet David.

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