3 Easy Ways to Reach The Heavens of Allah SWT

Surely every human being yearns to be a resident of Paradise. Because in it there are various pleasures and privileges that will be given by Allah SWT for every servant of His who believes.

In addition to reaching the heavens of Allah, every Muslim has been equipped with various teachings of the Prophet (s) and the Qur’an which is a guide to life. Even in surah Ali-Imran verse 133, Allah SWT has given his guidance.

That there are 3 easy ways that can be done to reach heaven. But this only applies to those who have patience. As for those who cannot be patient, this is not an easy matter.

Therefore Allah SWT promises paradise for every servant of His who is able to do these 3 ways

Giving Alms, because Allah Love it

Giving alms is a practice that is very favored by Allah SWT. Moreover, if we have sufficient wealth, then we are encouraged to give alms to others in need.

In addition, giving charity in a time of spacious and narrow is also one of the easy ways to reach the heavens of Allah SWT.

In this case charity is not only done when it is in a sufficient condition, but also when it is in shortfall. In other words, remain generous under any circumstances.

Because if giving charity in sufficient conditions, of course it is not a difficult thing. But if giving charity in a lack of circumstances, certainly is not an easy thing to do.

Therefore Allah SWT promises paradise for every one of His people who give alms in any economic condition.

Restraining Anger

In this case the person who is able to withstand anger is someone who actually has a reason to be angry and he has the right to be angry, but because of fear of the wrath of Allah SWT and worry about the adverse effects of his anger then he withholds his anger.

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Forgive the Mistakes of Others, Because Allah Love it

Actually forgiving other people’s mistakes is not an easy thing to do. Moreover, if the person has made a big mistake, such as mistreating or demeaning. So to be able to do it requires patience.

It is because forgiving a person who has done wrong is the same as removing the person’s mistakes and turning them into good, and repaying them with something special, namely forgiveness.

So by doing so, it is expected that the person opens the door of his heart not to repeat his mistake.

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