3 Figures spreading Islam in Europe

Moslimdaily – Islam entered the continent of Europe since 711 AD, amid the majority of christianity. there are several figures who became pioneers in the spread of islam in europe

Moses ibn Nushair

Musa ibn Nushair had a hand in the conquest of Spain and the spread of Islam there. He often conducted battles against the Roman navy.

He was a dashing, brave and tough warlord. Moses ibn Nushair had the nickname, the Conqueror of Andalusia. Not only conquering Andalusia (Spain), he also managed to conquer Sicillia, Italy.

In his leadership in the cities he managed to conquer, he gave freedom to his citizens to embrace their respective religions. Musa was a strong Muslim figure and also a preacher who managed to make many people become adherents of Islam.

Thariq bin Ziyad, one of the best Figures in Islam

Thariq ibn Ziyad was a great commander in the Umayyad Caliphate. He together with Musa ibn Nushair managed to conquer Andalusia and spread Islam in Europe.

When he succeeded in conquering Andalusia, the army of Thariq bin Ziyad was very well received by the local people. This is because the existence of Islam in these areas does not intend to control but instead liberate these areas.

It is known that, before the Muslims controlled Andalus, the area was led by King Roderick. During his leadership King Roderick applied various unjust rules of law.

In his religious activities, Thariq together with Moses often preached and said that Islam is a noble religion and glorifies people.

Both also often give tawhid values and purify worship only to God alone. The name Thariq bin Ziyad was later enshrined as the name of the strait separating the African and European continents called the Strait of Gibraltar.

Muhammad Hamidullah

Muhammad Hamidullah was an Islamic intellectual who actively wrote Islamic books. He was born to a Muslim family with a strong academic base.

Muhammad Hamidullah works as a researcher at the French National Scientific Research Centre. He once made a translation of the Quran in French.

At that time he was the first to make a French translation of the Quran. During his lifetime, he actively preached Islam in France.

The founder of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Paris has written 130 book titles translated into various languages, including English, Arabic, Turkish, German, and Urdu

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