3 Religions that prohibit the consumption of pork

In addition to Islam, the consumption of pigs is also prohibited in two other religions, namely for Adventist Christians and Jews. Here’s the explanation.

Red meat is one of the nutritious foods in the balanced nutrition guide. In meat there is a protein content that the body needs. Red meat also has different types to choose from.

Starting from beef, goat, buffalo, lamb, to pork. Unfortunately, not all humans eat pork. This is associated with religious orders that have banned and banned it.

It is common knowledge that pork is forbidden for Muslims. In the Quran, Allah (SWT) has explained the prohibition clearly.

But apparently, it is not only Muslims who are forbidden to eat pork in their religion. Other Adventist Christians and Jews have similar rules.

Prohibited in Islam

The ban on eating pig for Muslims is clear. This has been conveyed through the word of Allah SWT in the Qur’an Surah An Nahl verse 115.

The rules in Islam are not just prohibitions. There are health reasons that have been scientifically proven about pork consumption.

Reporting from iHatec, pig becomes the host of many kinds of parasites and dangerous diseases that cause worming disease. Pigs only excrete 2% of all uric acid content and 98% are still stored in the body.

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Eating pork can cause various diseases. Starting from cholesterol, blockage of blood vessels, uric acid. In addition, in pork there are also disgusting and dangerous tapeworms.

Prohibition of Eating Pork in Adventist Christianity

Prohibition of Eating Pork in Adventist Christianity
Prohibition of Eating Pork in Adventist Christianity

Adventist Christianity is slightly different from the Christian beliefs we commonly know. In this belief, Adventist Christians also have restrictions on the type of food.

The abstinence of his food holds on to the story of Noah who had a covenant prophecy with God. When the flood will sink the earth, Noah wakes up his ark for 120 years.

In the event of chapter 7, there is a covenant with Allah that reads, “All animals that are not haram you must take seven pairs of both male and female, while the haram is taken one pair only.”

Quoted from the Emancipation Patoris Institute, food that is prohibited for Adventist Christians one of them is pigs, both wild boar and pigs that are raised.

The prohibition of eating pigs in this belief is also almost similar to the religion of Islam. They raced in Isaiah 6 verse 17 which says that pigs and rats will disappear at once.

Prohibition of Eating Jewish Pork

3 Religions that prohibit the consumption of pork
3 Religions that prohibit the consumption of pork

In the organization of Judaism there is also a prohibition on eating pork. Even the ban on eating pork is a way to show its Jewish identity.

The book of Maccabees describes how the Maccabean revolution erupted. One reason was because the Greek king Antiochhus Epiphanes IV forced the Jews to eat pork and they rejected it (2 Maccabees 6:18; 7:1 cf. 1 Maccabees 1:47).

The prohibition of eating pork in the Jewish faith led to the old covenant. The rule is based on a prohibition contained in their Scriptures called Tanakh.

In addition, the reason for not consuming pigs is because it is seen from the geographical aspect and habits of the pig. In addition to geographical aspects, the prohibition of eating pigs is also a ritual aspect according to their beliefs.

Meanwhile, another aspect of the prohibition on eating pork in the Bible is the identity of the Israelites as a nation separated or mandated for Yahweh.

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