3 signs in The sky is the proof of Allahs power

In Surah Ar-Ra’d Verse 2 and its interpretation, Allah proves His truth through the uniqueness of the creation of the universe. This verse explains that there are three signs of Allahs power in the sky, those who think and reflect on them will have more faith in Allah and the Day of Judgment will surely happen

Allah Who raised the sky without pillars (as) you see, then He resided above the Throne. He subdued the sun and the moon; each circulated according to a predetermined time. He arranges affairs (His creatures), and explains the signs (His greatness), so that you are sure of meeting your Lord. (Surat Ar-Ra’d: 2)

This verse explains the proofs of the truth of the Quran by showing signs or evidences of the existence of Allah who sent down the Quran. The existence of God is evidenced by the various creations that humans can see and feel in this universe.

In detail Allah explains the state of the sky being raised without pillars, the journey of the sun and the moon, each of which circulates according to a predetermined time and path, the state of the earth which is full of mountains and valleys with rivers flowing between them, and the existence of various gardens that produce fruit. various fruits.

Concept Of God (Allah) In Islam And Other Religions

All of that shows that only Allah can give benefit and harm, who can give life and death and the Almighty over all things. The signs of Allahs power in the sky are described in this verse.

  • First, creating the sky above the earth without any pillars as is commonly seen by all creatures, and a very large distance between the objects in the sky, all of which circulate according to Allahs own rules and regulations like objects that are seen floating in the sky.
  • Second, Allah resides above His Throne and governs this universe. His wisdom has been explained at length in Surah Al-Araf and Surah Yunus.
  • Third, Allah has subjected the sun and the moon to the benefit of all of His creatures, each running on a rotational trajectory according to a predetermined time. About the journey of the sun and the moon has been explained in detail in Surah Yunus and Surah Hud.

Allah SWT regulates all events in His kingdom perfectly, He is the One who gives life and death, creates and abolishes, gives wealth and poverty, sends revelation to whom He wills. All of this shows that Allah, who has absolute power and broad mercy, because he determines the creation of a creature with certain characteristics and characteristics, cannot be carried out except by the Almighty and Almighty God.

It is He who governs the material and immaterial realms and it is He who governs large and small things, all with wisdom and wisdom.

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