3 Traces of the prophet David

The stories of the Prophet David are enshrined in the Quran. The prophet David was famous as a pious and powerful figure. So, what is the trace of the Prophet David as?

The prophet David is one of the 25 prophets that Muslims must know. His name is mentioned in the Quran 16 times. His stories, which are revealed in the Quran, include: the story of the war with Jalut and the miracle of conquering iron.

Allah Almighty gave a revelation in the form of the book of Zabur to the Prophet David. His melodious readings are perpetuated by history. Until the appearance of ‘iztilah mazamir’ or the song of David. Nature also prayed to follow the hum of the Prophet when chanting the Scriptures.

The prophet David was a prophet known to the three Samawi religions, namely Jews, Christians, and Islam. He died at the age of over 100. His treatise was continued by his son, the prophet Solomon as

Here are some traces of the prophet David that can be traced today:

1 Traces of the prophet Dawud: Tomb

3 Traces of the prophet Dawud
3 Traces of the prophet Dawud

The tomb of the Prophet David is located on the Mount of Zion, Jerusalem, which is integrated with a mosque. The tomb is now being claimed as a holy site for Jews.

However, it is based on the agreement of local authorities, both from the Supreme Islamic Institution and the Palestinian Council of Waqf and Islamic Affairs and the extended family of ad-Dajani, that the agreement annexing this site between the Vatican and Zionist Israel cannot be justified. This site, according to strong historical records is the waqf of Muslims, therefore it must be maintained.

2. Traces of the prophet David(Dawud): Mihrab

The mihrab is a place of prayer and pilgrimage enshrined in the Quran. Meanwhile, David’s Mihrab is one of the famous mihrabs in Jerusalem and is said to have been used by the prophet David.

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This mihrab was rebuilt by Sultan Hisamuddin Lasyin in the period 696-698 AD /1298-1296 H. It is located outside the al-Aqsha Mosque. Located in the gate fortress of Yerussalem City, until then this gate was known as the Mihrab Gate.

3. Traces of the prophet Dawud: Iron Mines

The prophet David was known to have the expertise of a reliable blacksmith. Quoting nationalgeographic.com on October 28, 2008, a location that was suspected to be the center of an iron mine during the time of the prophet David and his son, the prophet Solomon, was found in Southern Jordan.

Not only iron, there are also various types of mining goods including gold, silver, copper, and bronze. It is said that these materials were used as materials for the construction of the Solomon’s Temple.

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