3 Virtues for Those Who Enter to Islam

Enter to Islam – Convert is a term for those who were formerly non-Muslims then converted to become a Muslim. At this time there have been many non Muslims who flocked to become a muslim.

Even a study states that muslims in the world increase by 2.9% per year. This is much faster than the increase in the population of the earth.

And it turns out that this has been stated by Allah SWT in surah An-Nashr verses 1-2. Whereas when Allah’s help and victory has come, there will be many people who convert to muslim religion in droves.

Besides that, there are 3 virtues given by Allah SWT for those who convert to muslim. Where this virtue is a very special and special thing.

For it is not given to those who from the beginning have been Muslims. So it is very fortunate that those who choose to convert to Islam. Curious? Here’s the review.

What is Islam Definiton, Beliefs, and Teaching ?

Who Convert to Islam, All his sins in the pass will be forgiven

Islam is a very beautiful religion, which gives a great gift to those who convert to Islam with the guidance of Allah SWT.

And among the mercy of Allah SWT is a very wide offer to non-Muslims, when they repent and convert to Islam then their sins that have been forgiven by Allah Ta’ala.

Who Convert to Islam, Every good that he does is reciprocated by Allah SWT 10 to 700 times

In addition to being forgiven all his sins in the past, it turns out that every good done by someone who converted to Islam will be reciprocated by Allah SWT 10 to 100 times.

Survive the torment of Hell

And whosoever forsake his religion before and then become a muslim in the best manner, he has been saved from the torment of hell.

As told from Anas bin Malik Ra that at that time there was a small Jewish child who served the Prophet Muhammad SAW, at that time he was sick and the Prophet saw visited him.

While sitting near the child’s head he said, “Enter Islam.” And the little boy looked up at his father who was by his side. Then his father said, “Obey Abal-Qosim (Prophet Muhammad SAW).

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