39 Prophets Mentioned in the Quran

39 Prophets Mentioned in the Quran | In the sense of a pseudonymous religion, the prophet is a man who obtains revelation from God about his religion and mission. More specifically there is the term apostle which in Islam distinguishes that the apostle has an obligation to convey the teachings received from God.

The Early prophets

In Jewish and Christian tradition, the prophet is the leader of the people called by God to warn them not to deviate from God’s commandments. Generally the prophetic tradition is considered to have only begun after the time of Samuel, the last judge to preside over Israel before the advent of the monastic system.

But theologians agree that the prophetic tradition dates back to the time of Joshua who emerged as Moses’ successor and who led the Israelites into Canaan. That means, in addition to being a judge, Samuel can also be considered to play a prophetic role.

These leaders were classified as early prophets. In this group included other famous prophets such as Nathan, Elijah, and Elisha. There are also “false prophets” in addition, especially those who work in the palace and give only false advice that pleases only the king (cf. 1 Kings ps. 18).

The prophet who came then

Those who are classified into later prophets are those commonly called great prophet and little prophet.

The names “great prophet” and “little prophet” have nothing to do with the role, position, or status of those prophets.

This term is given to them only in relation to their books. The book of the “four great prophets,” Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel, is generally long, and the chapters are relatively more numerous than the books of the little prophet.

Meanwhile, the twelve little prophets were so called because their books were brief. Even the book of the Prophet Obaja, for example, is only one chapter.

Included in the “twelve little prophets” are Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obaja, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

Tomb of the Prophet Shu’aib in Jordan

The sixteen prophets whose names are enshrined into the name of the book can be divided into five periods of time.

1) Early days (c. 845-800 BC): Obaja, Joel, and Jonah

2) Before the time of Israeli captivity (c. 760-722 BC): Amos and Hosea (to the northern kingdom), Isaiah and Micah (to the southern kingdom)

3) Before the captivity of Judah (c. 627-586 BC): Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Jeremiah
Period of exile (c. 593-536): Ezekiel, Daniel

List of 39 Prophets Mentioned in the Quran and The Number of Mentions

  • Prophet Moses (136 times)
  • Ibrāhīm (69 times)
  • Nūħ (43 times)
  • Joseph (27 times)
  • Lut (27 times)
  • Adam (25 times)
  • Isa (25 times)
  • Aaron (20 times)
  • Isħaq (17 times)
  • Solomon (17 times)
  • Dāwūd (16 times)
  • Yaqub (16 times)
  • Isma’il (12 times)
  • Shu’aib (10 times)
  • Shaleh (9 times)
  • Zakariyya (7 times)
  • Hud (7 times)
  • Yaħyā (5 times)
  • Muhammad (4 times) and Ahmad (1 time)
  • Ayyub (4 times)
  • Jonah (4 times)
  • Idrīs (2 times)
  • Ilyās (2 times)
  • Ilyasa (2 times)
  • Zūlkifli (2 times)
  • Other figuresFir’aun (74 times)
  • Maryam (34 times)
  • Haman (6 times)
  • Jalut (4 times)
  • Qarūn (4 times)
  • Samiri (3 times)
  • Dzulkarnain (3 times)
  • Imran (3 times)
  • al-‘Azīz, (2 times)
  • Tālūt (2 times)
  • Azar, (1 time)
  • Uzayr (1 time)
  • Luqman (1 time)

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