4 Drinks of Hell mentioned in the Quran

Hell will be the only place of return. Even those who have done evil in their lifetime do not want to be the inhabitants of Hell. There is only a punishment in the Fire.

Surely this is inversely proportional to the paradise that is the hope of all mankind, especially for those who believe. And if the inhabitants of Paradise are enjoyed, then the inhabitants of Hell will have evil. Including the drinks they’re going to drink.

In the Qur’an there are some drinks mentioned for the inmates of hell. Unlike most drinks that quench thirst. This drink has a terrible effect on the drinker.

So what is the drink like for the inmates of hell? Here’s the full review.

Hell is a place of return for those who during their lives neglect their obligations to Allah SWT, those who always do damage and evil.

They will be recompensed for what they did in the world.

No one will be freed from the torment unless Allah SWT has forgiven his sins. Even when they ask for mercy From Allah, it will not diminish His punishment.

And when they ask for a drink, He will give it to them, but they will not drink like one another.

As contained in the Qur’an, Allah SWT has mentioned four kinds of drinks for the inmates of Hell. Among them are:

1. Hamim, Drinks of Hell mentioned in the Quran

Boiling water in the Fire of Hell. They will be given to drink in the Fire. when they drink, the water will cut into pieces.

As Allah swt said in several surahs among them,

“And he was given to drink boiling water, and cut off his intestines,” (Qs. Muhammad:15).

“They go round between them and among the hot springs that are rising in heat,” (Qs. Ar-Rahman:44).

“Given to drink (with water) from a very hot source.” Qs. Al-Ghasyiyah:5

2. Ghislin and Ghassaq

A liquid from the skins of the people of the Fire. In this regard, there are those who say that what is meant by these two words is a foul liquid that comes out of the secret parts of the body of an adult woman and the flesh or skin of the infidels who rot.

While the Qurthubi states that ghislin is the juice that the inmates of Hell drink.

And Allah swt said that ghislin is one of the many punishments for the inhabitants of Hell (Yaqazah Uli al-I’tibar, p. 86).

Ghassaq is not a drink, but it is a kind of food that must be eaten by the inmates of hell.

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3. Shadid, Drinks of Hell mentioned in the Quran

Pus from the flesh and skins of the unbelievers. And if they drink it, they will not swallow it, and death will come upon it, but they will not die while there is a severe punishment before it.

As Allah swt said Qs. Ibrahim verses 16 and 17

Then it is mentioned in a hadith of the Prophet that from Jabir that the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Anyone who drinks drinks containing alcohol will drink mud khabal.”

Then the companions asked, “O Messenger of Allaah, what is khabal mud?” He said, “The sweat of the people of hell or pus released by the inmates of hell.” (HR. Muslim)

4. Mahl, Drinks of Hell mentioned in the Quran

i.e. boiling hot oil water or like heated iron. And they will be given water from boiling water,

If they drink it, it will scorch their faces, and this is the worst drink. As Allah swt said in the Quran surah Al-Kahfi verse 29

From Abu Said al-Khudri mentioned that the Prophet (pbuh) said, “It is like boiling oil, which when approached to a person’s face, then the skin of his face will melt into it.” (HR. Ahmad and Tirmidhi)

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