4 Greatness of the Quran, Not Just Ordinary Literature

The Quran is the holy book of Islam. Muslims believe that the Qur’an is the culmination and closing of Allah’s revelation which is reserved for mankind and part of the pillars of faith that were presented to the Prophet Muhammad through the intercession of the Angel Gabriel; And the first revelation received by the Prophet Muhammad is as contained in the Qur’an surah Al-‘Alaq verses 1-5.

According to Corselle, a Scholar-Translator of the Quran is the most perfect and extraordinary work in Arabic. This miracle cannot be done by man. The Quran itself is an eternal miracle and it is greater than raising a corpse.

This holy book itself is enough to prove that it came from heaven. The Quran challenges poets and preachers to make a single verse that is equivalent to the Qur’an, but no one can do so.

The Quran is not an ordinary book of novels or poems like man-made, but its literary value is extraordinary. There is greatness of This creation of Allah when viewed from the words in the Qur’an is very balanced or the same.

1) The word al-hayah (LIFE) is mentioned in the Quran 145 times, this is the same as the word al-death which is also 145 times.

2) The word an-naf (BENEFIT) is called 50 times the same as the word al-fa├žade (DAMAGE) which also amounts to 50 times.

3) The word al-harr (HEAT) is found in the Qur’an 4 times, the same as the word al-bard (cold) also 4 times.

4) The word ash-shalihat (VIRTUE) is called 167 times, the same as as-sayyiat (UGLINESS) which is also 167 times.

Other Greatness of Quran

  • The Quran contains the teachings of the Godhead that have been contained in the previous books.
  • The Quran contains the teachings of Allah SWT to guide and all mankind in all ages. Therefore, the Quran will always be preserved from change and will always be maintained. Allah’s Word (SWT) “We have sent down the Qur’an and Indeed We have always protected It” (Qs. Al-Hijir: 9).
  • If the previous book is revealed to a certain people, then the Qur’an is revealed to the ummah all the time until the end day comes.
  • In terms of language, the Quran is nothing to wrong. The language is easy and beautiful, so many people easily memorize it. There is only one language from the Qur’an from then until now.

The majesty and beauty of Quran literature

The Quran is not a verse, not a rhyme. Verses are verses (number, length, position of syllables) and their rhymes (consonants and vocalizations of the last tribe) are identical. Rhymes are prose whose sentences and phrases are marked with rhymes throughout the composition.

The Quran does not resemble both, but uses both freely to carry out its purpose. Therefore a new category must be determined to classify the Quran outside of verse and prose i.e. “Al natsr al muthlaq” (absolutely free from prose).

The Quran is composed of words and phrases that are very appropriate in their meaning. The articulation is correct and perfect. Change, however small, means worse change. Not a single word can be lost, which will destroy the flow and meaning of the verse.

The words and phrases in the Qur’an for one verse, or one part of the verse, are comparable or in contrast to the words and phrases of previous or later verses, both in their arrangement and meaning.

Scientists: Read the Quran Healthy Physically and Spiritually

The flow of his words thus gave birth to great pressure and hope, as well as tranquility and peace. The quality of this Composition of the Quran is called “tawazun” or balance, and this composition applies in the form as well as in the content of the text.

Quranic words and phrases reveal the richest and strongest meanings in their shortest form. On the other hand, Tamsilan and the tropes of the Quran, conjunction and conjunction of its concepts and instructions, contain appeal.

Tamsil and this figurativeness gave rise to an imagination so great that it left him gasping for breath as he was shaken and fascinated. For this unique quality of the Quran, Arabic literary aestheticians coined the term “badi”-sublimely creative.

The Style of the Quran is strong, empathetic, firm; Also smooth and smooth. The one who reads the Qur’an feels falling upon him like a rock or with extraordinary tenderness. This is called “husn al-iqa'” (beauty that afflicts consciousness).

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