4 legendary sailors are Muslim

Do you like movies or books that are themed on cruises or pirates? If so, surely you will very rarely hear the name of a Muslim embedded in these works. Yes, many people think that in the age of pirates, Muslims are still grappling with camels and deserts. But what really happened is not so.

There may not be many who believe, but it turns out there are many Muslims who are experts in shipping and even some are also known as pirates. Not the most checked, muslim sailors who are known to be very cool. They have extraordinary abilities that the world truly respects. Who are these people? Check out the following review.

Admiral Zhang He (Cheng Ho) is a Muslim

The name of this Muslim sailor is already very famous throughout the universe. Cheng Ho’s expedition was recorded as the cruise with the most members and the largest wooden ship up to that time. Cheng Ho carried approximately 27,000 crew members on his voyage.

Armed with the emperor’s permission in the Ming dynasty, Cheng Ho conducted various expeditions. Starting from India, Southeast Asia, even to Africa.

In Indonesia, Cheng Ho had stopped by several places such as the Sultanate of Aceh, Semarang and the Majapahit kingdom. Uniquely with such a large fleet, Cheng Ho never at all colonized the area he visited.

Cheng Ho is also a devout Muslim, with each of his travels he always carries out the five-time prayer order. Cheng Ho’s greatest dream was for him to go to the Holy Land like his grandfather, to the point that he sent someone drawing a holy land to tap in his ship’s room.

Unfortunately, cheng ho died on his last voyage in India. However Cheng Ho’s services were extraordinary, as he had managed to lead to the true form of the world map. There are also some rumors that Cheng Ho discovered the Americas before Columbus.

Barbarossa is a Muslim

4 Legendary Muslim Sailors
4 Legendary Muslim Sailors

Khairuddin Barbarossa has many mentions in Europe, The Red Jangut, Il Diavolo or “the devil” and the owner of all evil. But to Muslims, he is a true hero.

These names are pinned on Khairuddin because of his expertise in the world of shipping. Previously, with his brothers he was just an ordinary ship member.

However, seeing the oppressions carried out by crusaders against Muslim traders, the Khairudin brothers joined the hand. Armed with one ship, Khairuddin was able to defeat and seize many ships of the crusader knights.

That’s why he was nicknamed by such terrible names. But in truth, Barbarossa’s group would only attack if the crusaders attacked first.

Barbarossa eventually became a “Pirate” feared by Europeans, but to Muslims he was a warrior. Barbarossa’s fame earned him the position of Supreme Admiral of the Turkish sultanate.

Barbarossa’s territory is vast, from the sea in the Mediterranean to Andalusia under his watch. Barbarossa was a scourge for european governments.

The Islamic Navy In The Early Of Islamic Era

Ahmad Ibn Majid

This sailor has the nickname Sea Lion. He sailed across the vast ocean as navigator of the famous sailor Vasco Da Gama. His ability to travel has been around since he was a child.

Until finally he made his own compass with 32 eyes. This is what made Vasco Da Gama interested in Ahmad ibn Majid, until finally he decided to take him sailing.

The group eventually sailed all the way to the bay of Hope in Africa. Before the end of his life, Ahmad Ibn Majid also wrote a travel notebook that until now is very useful for the world of shipping.

Turgut Reis

4 Legendary Muslim Sailors
4 Legendary Muslim Sailors

Since barbarossa’s death, new talents have emerged. He was Turgut Reis, a shrewd rear admiral in marine science.

He previously worked for the Spanish naval force Andrea Doria, but he soon returned to Turkey and joined the Ottoman forces. Eventually Turgut became a mortal enemy of his former employer Andrea Doria.

Turgut posed a major threat to the Spanish empire, especially its admiral Andrea Doria. Many times Turgut fooled Doria with his strategies. Because of his fame, Turgut eventually completely replaced Barbarossa as the highest admiral in the Ottoman empire.

It turns out that in the marine world, Muslims have also succeeded. Not only as an explorer, but there is also a war fleet that is ready to protect Muslims. This is a great achievement, even to the extent that the west gives a nickname because it is so feared.

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