4 Major Battle in The History of Islam During Ramadan

All this time we only know that Ramadan has always been synonymous with fasting, tarawih, multiple rewards, etc. In addition to the things mentioned above, Ramadan is also known as the month in which many major wars took place in Islam’s past.

These wars involving Muslims took place thousands of years ago. Some wars are even commanded directly by the Prophet Muhammad Saw. Here is a complete description of the great war in Ramadan that occurred in the month of Ramadan.

1. Battle of Badr – Year 624

The Battle of Badr is a legendary war mentioned in the Qur’an through Surah Ali-Imran verse 123. The war lasted only two hours on March 17, 624 (17 Ramadan). Soldiers from the Prophet Muhammad numbered 300 people invaded the army of the Infidel Quraysh which numbered up to 1,000 people.

From the strength, it is clear that the army of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will lose. However, the reality in the air said otherwise. Instead, the small army was able to win the war easily. The army of the Infidel Quraysh finally retreated and held a great grudge that would be avenged in the Battle of Uhud.

2. The Seizure of Mecca – Year 629

Five years after the badr war ended or precisely on December 11, 629 (18 Ramadan), Muslims led by the Prophet Muhammad returned to battle.

This time the battle mission equipped with a force of 10,000 troops was to capture Mecca from the hands of the Quraysh Infidels. The Prophet Muhammad wanted the city to belong to Muslims after the Kafir Quraysh broke a 10-year ceasefire agreement.

With a force of 10,000 troops, kafir Quraysh finally surrendered peacefully. The battle resulted in only 14 fatalities with 2 men from the army of the Prophet Muhammad and 12 from the army of the infidel Quraysh leader named Abu Sofyan. After the war ended, Abu Sofyan finally embraced Islam and recognized the existence of Allah.

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3. Battle of Guadalete – Year 711

The Battle of Guadalete was one of the most important wars after the Prophet Muhammad died and his leadership was continued by his followers. After the reign of Khulafaur Rashiddin was completed, the Islamic leadership was finally continued by the Umayyad Caliphate which was known to be very powerful in conquering many areas in the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe.

In the month of Ramadan precisely in 711, a great war between the Muslim forces led by Tariq bin Ziyad and the forces of King Roderic of the Visigothic kingdom. In this war, outnumbered Muslim forces actually won and were eventually able to develop power in the Andalusia region, Europe.

4. Hattin War – 1187

The Hattin War was a major war in Jerusalem. The army of the Kurdish Dination Ayyubids led by Salahudin Ayubi had to fight the Crusaders of the kingdom of Jerusalem. The war took place over two days of Ramadan in 1187 with the result of an absolute victory for the Kurdish Ayyubid Dynasty.

The war brought together 20,000 crusaders and 30,000 Muslim troops consisting of 12,000 cavalry and 18,000 infantry. The war that made Jerusalem the property of Muslims resulted in only a few fatalities despite the fierce fighting.

These are the four major wars in islamic history that took place in Ramadan. Hopefully in this month of Ramadan, major wars like the one above will not happen. The month of Ramadan should be lived with joy not with a war that can kill people very easily.

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