4 Muezzin in the Time of the Prophet

Maybe all this time we only know Bilal bin Rabah as a muezzin at the time of the Prophet SAW. Bilal bin Rabah was a black slave from Ethiopia (formerly Habsyah). He converted to Islam when he was enslaved.

Hearing Bilal convert to Islam, his master was angry and every day tortured Bilal so that Bilal did not embrace Islam, but Bilal’s determination in converting to Islam was very strong, until he was finally liberated by Abu Bakr.

In history, Bilal was the first muezzin in Islam. He was appointed directly by the Prophet to recite the adhan because of his loud and loud voice.

Until now we know Bilal bin Rabah as a muezzin in the time of the Prophet, but did you know that there were actually 4 muezzins in the time of the Prophet. Who are they?

See more as quoted from the book Al Aghshan An Nadiyah Syarhul Khulashah Al Bahiyah Fi Tartib Ahdaats As Sirah An Nabawiyah, p. 647.

1. Bilal bin Rabah, The Most Popular Muezzin

As already written above, bilal bin Rabah was the first muezzin in Islam. He was freed from slavery by abu Bakr’s friend As-Siddiq.

After being free from slavery, Bilal was always by the prophet’s side, Bilal was also involved in all wars and other major events with the Prophet in fighting for the religion of Allah. He died in the land of Sham at the time of 20 H.

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2. Amru bin Ummi Maktum

Amru bin Ummi Maktum became the muezzin of the Prophet in Medina, he was also included from Al-Muhajirin or those who migrated for the first time. He died at the end of the caliphate of Umar ibn Khattab.

3. Sa’d bin ‘Aidz Al Qurodh

Sa’d bin ‘Aidz Al Qurodh was the muezzin of the Prophet in Quba. When the Prophet died and Bilal decided not to become a muezzin anymore, Abu Bakr called him to become a muezzin in the Prophet’s Mosque. He died there in 74 AD.

4. Abu Mahdzurah, one of Muezzin in Prophet ‘s Time

Having the real name Aus bin Mi’yar, he is the one who does jarji’ in the adhan that repeats of lafadz adhan in 4 times, 2 times with a loud voice and twice with a quiet voice and this includes sunnah in the adhan. He died in Mecca in 59 H.

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