4 reasons why Quraysh reject teachings of Islam

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was known as an honest, intelligent person, until nicknamed “al amen” from the people of Mecca. However, all that did not make the prophet’s preaching in the Mecca period run smoothly. He had to find various rejections of the teachings of Islam from the Quraysh.

One of the reasons the Quraysh reject the teachings of Islam is the feeling of pride and rejecting the truth to follow the greatness of Allah SWT and His Messenger.

Therefore they took a stand of choice and opposed His teaching. As quoted from the book Tafsir al-Munir Volume 12 Aqidah, Sharia, Manhaj (Juz 23-24 Yaasiin-Fushshilat) by Prof. Dr. Wahbah az-Zuhaili.

The rejection made by most Quraysh figures starts from accusing the Prophet of madness and other accusations, bullying his followers, to carrying out various propaganda to stop the prophet Muhammad’s da’wah.

“They are carrying out various propaganda to stop the activities of the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims who continue to grow. Such as blasphemy, berating, boycotting, and so on,” wrote Prof. Dr. Wahbah az-Zuhaili.

As for the detailed explanation of the causes of the Quraysh rejecting the teachings of Islam brought by the Prophet (peace be upon him) so loudly can be listened to in the following writings.

  • Fear of losing power

The infidel Quraysh cannot distinguish between prophethood and power. At that time, there was a power struggle between tribes. They consider, following the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad means the same as recognizing his power.

“They consider that by following the teachings of Muhammad it has been subservient to the Prophet Muhammad and the Bani Hashim,” wrote Khmad Saufi and Hasmi Fadillah in the book History of Islamic Civilization.

  • Reluctance to lose social status

At that time, the Quraysh people lived in the classification of social status or caste, ranging from employers to slaves. Slaves are the lowest caste for them. Because slaves can be traded and their rights as human beings are not valued.

Meanwhile, in general the princes of the Quraysh have a high social status. They object when their social status is aligned with others.

Contrary to the teachings of Islam brought by the Prophet (peace be upon him), Islam teaches people to respect each other. This is also one of the reasons the Quraysh reject the teachings of Islam.

Beloved Uncle Of Prophet Muhammad

  • Fear of losing livelihood

The pagan Quraysh are idolatrous people. Therefore, making idols was their livelihood at that time. They made idols of Latta, Uzza, Manat, and Hubal and sold them to those who visited the Kaaba as a gods.

Meanwhile, Islam forbids humans to worship other than Allah SWT. If the Quraysh follow the teachings of Islam, they fear that they will lose their main livelihood as idolaters.

  • Taklid to ancestors

The Quraysh have taken full hold of all the customs, beliefs, and religions inherited by their ancestors. Therefore, the authorities of their people regard the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a new belief and religion that must be rejected.

“They stick to the customs, traditions, and belief and religious systems that they have ingrainedly inherited from their ancestors,” wrote Prof. Dr. H. Faisal Ismail, M.A. in the History &Culture of Classical Islamic Culture (7th-XII CENTURY AD).

At least, 4 reasons that make the quraysh reject the teachings of Islam from the Prophet (peace be upon him). They realized that the victory of the new religion meant the destruction of their idolatrous religion until the loss of wealth and control over the holy house of the Kaaba.

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