4 Types of Marriage in the Jahiliyah Era

At the time of jahiliyah, there were four kinds of marriages. First, marriage as it is today, begins with a wish to a parent or guardian, paying a dowry and getting married. Second, it is a husband who orders his wife when it is holy from menstruation to marry (have sex) with someone.

And when she was pregnant, she returned to be cared for by her husband; This is done in order to get good offspring. Third, a group of fewer than ten men, all of whom cared for a woman.

And when she got pregnant and gave birth, she called all the members of the group and then she appointed one of the ones she wanted to give him the name of the child. And the person concerned should not be evasive.

Fourth, sex is performed by a decency woman who puts a flag or sign on the doors of their residence and “has sex” with anyone who likes her. Then Islam came to prohibit the way of marriage except the first way.

Marriage Concept After Islam Born

After the Islamic treatise came brought by the Prophet Muhammad, women gained a place of honor and increased their role in the public sphere. The Shari’ah of marriage was delivered by the Prophet to safeguard and protect a woman’s soul and body and her dignity.

The relationship of the Prophet Muhammad with his wives was a truly honorable and great relationship, as in the testimony of Umar ibn Al-Khathab.

And such examples will be found in the history of his life. All of which would be a self-speaking example, that no one has yet been able to honor a woman like the Prophet Muhammad once did.

The Purpose of Marriage in Islam

No one has been able to lift a woman’s dignity to a proper place like the Prophet did.

Then the Quran surah an-Nisa verse 3 and verse 129. These verses descended at the end of the eighth year of the Hijrah, after the Prophet married all his wives.

The intention is to limit the number of wives to four people, while before the passage the restriction does not exist.

This is also what has invalidated the words of the people, that the Prophet allowed for himself and forbidd for others.

Then comes down the verse that strengthens the primacy of one wife and advocates so because it is feared that it will not be fair, with the emphasis that being just will not be fulfilled.

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