4 Women who will be Queen of Angels in Heaven

Here are some women who are referred to by the Prophet Muhammad as the best women of paradise.

The First Women is Khadija

Khadija bint Khuwaylid was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad whom she married when she was 25 years old. She was the one who was always with the Prophet when the first revelation was received and the difficult times when the early period preached Islam.

Khadija donated all her wealth to support the prophet Muhammad’s preaching. No one has contributed more to the success of the Prophet’s preaching in the early days except Khadija.

A hadith narrated by Friend Abdullah ibn Abbas stated that the Prophet once said,

عن عكرمة عن بن عباس قال قال رسول الله ﷺ أفضل نساء أهل الجنة خديجة بنت خويلد وفاطمة بنت محمد ﷺ ومريم بنت عمران وآسية بنت مزاحم امرأة فرعون

“The best women of paradise are Khadija bint Khuwaylid, Fatimah bint Muhammad, Maryam bint Imran and Asiyah bint Mazahim the wife of Pharaoh.”

Fatimah is one of Women who will be Queen of Angels

Fatimah binti Muhammad was the daughter of the prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Khadija bint Khuwaylid. Her husband, Ali ibn Talib was one of the young men who converted to Islam and received prophetic treatises of Muhammad.

From Fatimah, born Hasan and Husein, two grandchildren of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. His loyalty to support the father’s preaching has brought him to a high degree in the side of Allah SWT.

Maryam bint Imran

Maryam bint Imran is a woman whose name is mentioned and told in the Qur’an. The blameless woman who gave birth to Prophet Jesus AS without a husband.

His belief in Allah SWT is narrated in the Qur’an; Whenever Zachariah entered the room of Maryam, there was always food.

He asked, “where is this food from?” Maryam replied, “The food is from Allah SWT, Dzat who gave anyone unexpectedly.”

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Asiyah bint Mazahim

Asiyah bint Mazahim, the wife of Pharaoh who is famous for his defiance of Allah SWT. In the midst of all the evil and great sin committed by her husband, Asiyah still embraced faith and obedience to Allah SWT.

But as a wife, she continued to perform her duties for her husband. His patience, toughness and obedience brought Asiyah to be rewarded with a high degree and guarantee of heaven by Allah SWT.

Those are the four women who get a high degree of paradise thanks to their struggle, consistency and fortitude in carrying out their nature as women and maintaining the purity of their faith in Allah SWT.

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