5 Attempted Thefts of The Prophet’s Body SAW

Inside the Prophet’s Mosque buried human remains that are so loved by the universe. Prophet Muhammad SAW was buried there. The condition of the tomb was heavily guarded, the door was tightly closed with a fence and guarded by royal soldiers.

It is natural, considering that many people will approach if this tomb is left open. Not to mention, in anticipation of the efforts of evil acts who want to steal the body of the Apostle. It turns out that in its history, the attempt to steal the body of the Prophet Muhammad SAW has taken place five times.

From Egypt, to the countries of Europe that conspired to steal the prophet’s body. Fortunately, Allah SWT always thwarts these evil actions. What is the story of the Attempted Theft of the Prophet’s Body? Here’s a summary.

1. al-Hakim Biamrillah al-‘Ubaidiy Part 1

The story of the theft of the Prophet’s body was written by Muhammad Ilyas ‘Abdul Ghani, author of the book History of the Prophet’s Mosque as-Syarif. In his book He writes that the first attempted theft was carried out during the time of al-Hakim Biamrillah al-‘Ubaidiy.

He was the unjust King of the Fatimid Daulah. Though He was Muslim, but deviated from the teachings of God, so the Egyptians could not sleep quietly during his reign.

At that time a Zindiq proposed to him to steal the prophet’s body. This was done to attract the attention of man to him and his country. By bringing the Messenger of Allah to Egypt, the country will replace Medina. Then he planned to fight his people.

But Allah SWT does not stay silent with the evil plan. It was easy for Him to thwart al-Hakim. On the night when the plan was executed, Allah sent a wind to Medina, and almost the earth was shaken because of the strong wind. This is a barrier to the purpose of these criminals.

2. al-Hakim Biamrillah al-‘Ubaidiy Part 2

It turns out that the failure of the original plan did not make the king who began to lead at the age of 11 years deterrent. He again devised a plan to steal the body of the Prophet SAW. This time, his soldiers were able to enter Medina. This messenger lived near Al Haram an-Nabawi.

They began digging the ground to make a tunnel to the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad. But the magic happened again. There was a voice calling out among the people of Medina “Your Prophet will be exhumed”.

They then conducted an investigation and claimed the messenger of al-Hakim Biamrillah al-‘Ubaidiy was digging a tunnel. They were later convicted and killed.

Not only that,Ja’far also has other similarities with the Messenger of Allah such as the narration of Abu Hurayrah: “No one wears shoes and sandals, rides a vehicle and rides a camel in a better way after the Messenger of Allaah ‘alaihi wasallam than Ja’far bin Abu Tholib.”

Thus information about five people who have similarities with the Prophet SAW. Although we never met the Messenger of God, but hopefully suri tauladan he can we emulate throughout the life of the world.

3. The Prophet’s Body will Be Stolen by The Rulers in Europe

This event occurred in 1164 or 557 AH and was written by historian Ali Hafidz in the book of Fusul min Tarikhi Al-Madinah Al Munawarah. At that time, the condition of Muslims was weakened, so the rulers of Europe agreed to steal the body of the Messenger of Allah.

After the agreement was agreed, the rulers of the Countries in Europe then sent envoys to steal the apostles’ bodies during the Hajj season. The two men disguised themselves as pilgrims from Andalusia wearing typical Maghribi clothing.

The two were tasked with conducting preliminary reconnaissance of the possibility to find opportunities to steal the body of the Prophet SAW.

After conducting a field study, the two ventured to rent an inn located close to the tomb of the Prophet. They made a hole from the room to the tomb of the Prophet SAW. Not until the end of the excavation, the plan has been thwarted by Allah SWT through a servant of His, namely Sultan Nuruddin Mahmud bin Zanki.

7 Stories of the Prophet’s Traitors in Islamic History

The Sultan of Egypt and Shirian rulers one night dreamed of meeting the Prophet. The Prophet pointed his hand at two European-faced men, saying, “O Mahmud, help me from these two!”

He woke up and was surprised and then wudu and continued to sleep. But He again dreamed of the same up to three times in a row. In the morning he told the ministers his dream and thought that something had happened in Medina. Finally the Sultan and his bodyguards left for Medina.

Once there the Sultan gathered the entire community of Medina to recognize their faces. It aims to see if there is a face similar to the one in his dream. At first He did not find the two faces.

Then the Sultan asked: “Is there anything else?”.

One of the people of Medina replied: “There are still two pilgrims from Morocco who are mukim here, they are pious and rich, often give alms and always pray in congregation in the Prophet’s Mosque. They feel it is enough not to take alms or gifts.

“Bring them here right now!”, orders the Sultan.

Turns out these two guys are similar to the ones in his dream. The Sultan then examined the two and found their house with a hole in the prophet’s tomb. Both claimed to carry out the sacred duty of an International League to retrieve the body of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and brought to Europe.

4. Gang of Robbers

The fourth attempt was when a number of men stole and robbed caravans of pilgrims. Then they are determined to dig the tomb of the Prophet SAW. Then they crossed the sea to Medina.

Then Allah repelled their attack with a ship prepared from Egypt al-Alexandria that followed them. Then catch them all, then captivate them all.

5. 40 People Want to Dig Eating Abu Bakar and Umar

The fifth attempt was done with a plan to dig the tombs of Abu Bakr and Umar. It happened in the middle of the seventh century AH. A total of 40 men wanted to dig graves at night. Then the earth parted and swallowed them up.

This was narrated by the servant of al-Haram an-Nabawy at the time. He is Shawwab, as-Syamsu al-Malthiy

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