5 Beautiful Muslim women in a Muslim Minority Country

It is a gift for muslims who can be born in Muslim-friendly places such as Indonesia. Yes, in this country the majority of the population is Muslim and anyone can show their Islamic identity. Free and without any pressure in doing sharia. Unfortunately, things like this won’t be easy to find in other countries. Especially in the Muslim minority.

For example, as in France which is known as the country most disrespectful to Islam. There Muslim women will be forced to remove their hijabs. Not to mention the Charlie Hebdo case that infuriated Muslims.

Those of us who are Muslims should be concerned about the state of our brothers and sisters. Not only in France, more so in all places that are still unfamiliar with this religion.

Nevertheless, some minority countries are now beginning to accept the existence of Islam. Not only to establish mosques, but Muslim women are also welcome to dress in Islamic style and become part of society. Well, here are some portraits of Muslim women who exist in these minority countries.

1. Ayana Jihye Moon, Beautiful Muslim women in South Korea

Ayana has become a figure that netizens often talk about lately. She is a Muslim woman from a muslim minority, South Korea. Ayana was first known through her photos on Instagram that successfully made men in a row, Subhanallah. Ayana claimed that she was an ordinary Muslim woman from Korea who wanted to explore Islam more deeply.

Ayana is the only Muslim woman in her family. Nevertheless, he was able to practice islamic sharia comfortably. Regarding Islam in South Korea, Ayana admitted that people do not really care about it.

Some people hate Islam. But basically korean people have a lot of respect for privacy even more so for one’s trust. Just for additional info, Ayana claimed not to perform the operation at all like other Korean teenagers. Even so, with a hijab he looks very charming.

2. Carissa D. Lamkahouan, Beautiful Muslim women United States

Hidayah always appears in unexpected ways. This statement must apply to every convert who has always found Islam in unique ways. One example is a woman named Carrisa D. Lamkahouan. This American woman found the way of Islam when she accidentally met a Muslim clothing store and was glued to a hijab.

He then tried to buy it and he thought there was something completely different when wearing it. This curiosity made Carissa begin to learn about Islam. Finally he was steady to say two sentences shahadat when it already feels fit with all the teachings of Islam that he thinks is right. She currently works as usual as a writer and without even removing her hijab.

As you know, not all Americans like Muslims. They still consider that Islam is a terrorist religion that must be hostile. Fortunately Carissa never experienced bullying from anyone. Even in a question and answer session this beautiful woman claimed that hijab had saved her from danger.

3. Camilla Leyland – England

5 Beautiful Muslim women in a Muslim Minority Country
5 Beautiful Muslim women in a Muslim Minority Country

Britain is not actually a country that opposes the existence of Islam in their midst. But still the existence of Muslims is a strange thing there. However, that does not mean that guidance is not passed down to the British people. As experienced by a beautiful convert named Camilla Leyland. This beautiful woman found Islam in the midst of her non-Muslim family.

Camilla was born as a girl who mainly saw the work of her father who was a university director and his mother who was a professor. On Islam, Camilla still believes in the bad influences that many people often portray. Arrogance, violence and curbing his women. However, Camilla slowly discovered that Islam was not as bad as she thought.

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This continued until finally the woman who worked as a yoga instructor continued her post-graduate studies in the Middle East. He also worked in Syria and it opened his eyes wide. In the end, he converted to Islam with a full heart. Camilla was very grateful for that. Although now still not hijab, but this beautiful woman said never negligent in doing her duty.

4. Aida Hadzialic – Sweden

Only about 450,000 of Sweden’s 9 million people are Muslim. So you can say if in this country Muslims become a minority. But amazingly, in the country does not look at differences, especially religion. Yes, Muslims can live safely and comfortably here. Even the government itself made a big splash that is a sign that Muslims themselves are starting to be well received here.

Aida Hadzialic, a beautiful 27-year-old woman now occupies the position of Education Minister under Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. Amazingly, Aida is a pure Muslim woman. She became the first Swedish Muslim to sit in the ministry and the youngest in the country’s history.

Aida herself wasn’t actually born in Sweden. He is from Bosnia-Herzegovina who moved to Sweden in 1992. As you know, in that year Bosnia was in a great rest. Nearly tens of thousands of people have sought asylum in other countries, including Aida.

Fortunately, his family was well received in the country. Perhaps this beautiful woman’s involvement in parliament was in return for service because the Swedish government was once so kind to her and her family. This good intention also affects the increasing acceptance of Muslims there.

5. Chahida Chekkafi – Italy

5 Beautiful Muslim women in a Muslim Minority Country
5 Beautiful Muslim women in a Muslim Minority Country

Football is no longer just entertainment for men. Now, women also fight in the most loved sport in the entire world. Not only being players, women are also trusted to referee even in men’s matches. Well, Italy itself also implements a system like this. Uniquely, they also entrusted exciting matches to the country’s first Muslim female referee.

Chahida Chekkafi is a pure Muslim woman from her moroccan family. Chekkafi was born in Silvio Berlusconi’s country. The love of football has been with Chekkafi since childhood. Plus, the mother turned out to be also a former soccer player. As a result, when this young woman decided to be a referee, her family received well.

As a Muslim woman, according to awrah is an obligation. This is also not forgotten done by Chekkafi. Yes, he always wears closed clothes despite being the referee of the match. It’s unusual, but it’s not a problem with the local football federation. In fact, they praise if Chekkafi has the talent to be a successful field referee later. Salute!

Slowly but surely, the existence of Islam began to be accepted by many people around the world. The growth of Islam itself is very significant. More and more people are finally enlightened and begin to explore Islam. Experts even say that the number of Muslims by 2050 will equal the dominance of Christians around the world.

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