5 benefits of reading the Quran

Quran is a guide to the life of mankind, although the only benefit is the pious (QS al-Baqarah: 2).

There so much wisdom from reciting the Quran. Here is the wisdom that you will get if you want to open the Quran and read it.

  • First, get a great reward, where one letter is rewarded with ten virtues, as narrated by Iman At-Tirmidhi in a hadith of the Prophet SAW.

We know that the whole Quran, according to a literature numbering 325,015 letters, which means that one time khatam Qur’an gets the reward value of virtue multiples of ten, namely 3,250,150.

  • Second, Allah SWT will raise the level of people always reading the Qur’an, studying its content and practicing it in daily life.

Rasullulah Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) said :

“Surely Allah raised the ranks of a people with the Book of The Qur’an and Allah humbled the rest (who do not want to read, study and practice the Qur’an).” (Narrated by Al-Bukhaari).

  • Third, get the middle of the soul or heart is very remarkable, where every verse of the Qur’an that he reads will bring peace and tranquility to his readers.

Allah said :

“And We have sent down from the Qur’an an antidote and mercy for the believers…” (QS Al Isra :82)

  • Fourth intercession will be obtained on the Day of Resurrection.

This is explained in the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh): “Read the Quran by all of you, because the recitation of the Qur’an that is read when living in this world, will be an intercession / helper for its readers on the Day of Resurrection.” (Hr. Muslim Imam)

  • Fifth, will be freed from the complaint of the Prophet (s) on the Day of Resurrection.

where there are some people who complained to the Prophet (s) on the Day of Resurrection before Allah.

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