5 Characteristics of Islamic Sharia

Islamic Sharia is Allah’s guidance for mankind. Islamic law distinguishes itself and its value system from other systems, with a unique set of characteristics.

Thereare at least five characteristics of Islamic law. It was written by Wael Hamzah, a Muslim writer and thinker who is active in the Muslim American Society (MAS) in the United States.

Islamic Sharia Comes from God

Although this is a very clear, but often forgotten. Hamzah said that Sharia was not made by people and it was not people’s experience. The instructions, rules, and teachings come from Allah,


Sharia is a comprehensive guideline that considers all aspects of human life. Sharia gives us guidance from the day of birth to the day of death. In fact, sharia also provides related guidelines before the day of birth and after the day of death.

Shari’a provides guidance wherever we are. Whether it’s at home, at the mosque, or at work. Sharia guides us in managing our relationship with Allah and with other human beings. Be it in the dimensions of action, speech, or feeling.

Balanced and moderate

Sharia provides guidelines that balance between body and soul, between reason and emotions, between the present life and the hereafter. Shari’a balances theory and reality, between thinking and acting, between the invisible and the visible. Shari’a also promotes freedom, but enjoins responsibility.

In addition, the Shari’a places a balanced focus on the individual versus society. Sharia encourages people to strike a balance between copying and following, and creativity and innovation. This is truly a balanced guidance

Rasulullah always promoted this moderate and balanced understanding of Islam. He always brings his friends back into this moderation whenever he sees an imbalance in their actions or thoughts.

What is Islam Definiton, Beliefs, and Teaching ?

One example is when the Apostle knew there were three people who worshiped excessively by fasting every day, praying all night, and not getting married.Prophet commented on their actions:

“I am the most fearful and most pious of Allah. However, I fast but also break my fast; I pray at night and sleep at night and I get married. Whoever turns away from my Sunnah (traditions and my way of life) is not mine.” (Al-Bukhari)

Freeing from burdens

One of the important attributes of the Shari’a is that it comes to ease and relieve burdens. The Prophet is described in the Qur’an as one who:

“Instructs them to do what is right and forbid what is evil, and who justifies what is good for them and forbids everything that is bad for them, and frees them from their burdens and shackles. ” (Al-A’raf 7:157).

Synergy of Islamic Sharia

Shari’a creates synergy between people, where they help each other to promote good and remove evil. Shari’a also builds synergies between people and their leadership at all levels.

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