5 criteria of women who aren’t ideal for marriage

Women for marriage – Islam teaches how to choose a life partner. Some of the earlier scholars also wrote it in the book. One of them is the Book of Qurrat Uyun sharah Nazham Ibn Yamun, by Shaykh Muhammad At-Tihami Ibnul Madani Kanun.

The book has a chapter that explains the criteria in choosing women by men to be made wives. He was chosen to be a companion of life. The Prophet also showed about choosing a good life partner.

For example, the Prophet regarded women as the jewels of the world. Where this woman is a good religion and can be a makmum for her priest.

Prophet Muhammad said:

“The world is the jewel, and the best of the world’s jewels is the shalihah woman” (Hadith of the Muslim narration of Abdullah ibn Umar).

In addition, the Prophet also forbade men who want to marry the woman he loves because of only his beauty and wealth. But it is not accompanied by faith and piety.

Professions Of Woman In The Begining Of Islam

Once, a friend of Zaid bin Thabit was asked by the Prophet. Is Zaid married? And he replied not yet. Then the Prophet suggested that Zaid should get married soon. In a narration of this story, namely:

“O Zaid, have you married?”, Zaid replied not yet”, the Prophet said,’Marry, then you will always be awake, as you guard yourself. And never marry five women.” Zaid asked, ‘Who are the Messengers?’ The Prophet replied, “They are: shahbarah, lahbarah, nahbarah, handarah, and lafut’. Zaid said, “O Messenger, I do not understand what you are saying.”

The Prophet explained:

  • Shahbarah is a woman who has gray eyes and bad speech.
  • Lahbarah is a tall and thin woman.
  • Nahbarah is an old woman who likes to turn her back on her husband (when sleeping).
  • Handarah is a woman who is midget and despicable.
  • Lafut is a woman who gives birth to a son from a man other than you

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