5 Facts About Islam That Westerners Believe

For westerners, Islam is nothing more than a religion that teaches violence and corruption. Moreover, the emergence of organizational propaganda that is rife today with the cruel actions of those who carry the name of Islam.

The image of this religion is broken. However, not all westerners have such a narrow mind that infers something only from what is seen and suspected.

It turns out that many of them eventually realized that the religion brought by the Prophet Muhammad was extraordinary. Not only about his teachings, but also the influence he brought to the world.

Well, here are the things about Islam that turned out to be strongly believed by westerners.

1. Islam Will Be the Majority Religion of Mankind

When asked what is the most popular religion in the world? The answer is christian. Yes, this is evidenced by the majority of the world’s population who adhere to this religion. Islam itself came second thereafter. However, many people think that this religion might beat Christianity in terms of the number of adherents in the future.

This statement is evidenced by a lot of research whose results are surprising. Every year the number of Muslims is growing. It is even predicted that Muslims will be as many Christians as Christians in 2050.

2. Muslims Have Great Respect for Maryam

Westerners always compare things with evidence and facts. This includes comparing about religion. They once compared Christianity and Islam based on the literature of both the Gospel and the Qur’an.

Well, there is an interesting fact from this comparison that shows that in the Qur’an, Mary or Mary is mentioned more than in the New Testament Gospels.

This also makes westerners so that there is a kind of belief if muslims also respect the figure of Mary as well as Christians. Even more so considering the Qur’an itself mentions the name of Mother Isa Al Masih is more.

3. Muslims Once fought for Jews

It doesn’t mean to spread chaos, but look at for yourself in various forums how Muslims dislike Jews so much. In the past, there were many patriotic stories about Muslims who often helped Jews. Uniquely, this is also believed by westerners.

One example is the story of Jews who were rescued by Muslims during a turbulent World War II. There are even many stories that say Muslims are willing to fight in the greatest upheaval in history to save Jews and confront the Nazis.

There is also a story about Sultan Bayazid of the Kingdom of Otoman who sent troops to save the Jews in Spain. In 1492, Spain was ruled by a Catholic kingdom that wanted to slaughter the Jews living there.

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4 Getting out of Islam means dying

The majority of westerners believe that there is no other punishment than death for the case of someone who quit Islam. This is inferred from the Qur’an and hadith shahih, there is indeed no more appropriate punishment for apostates than to be killed.

Unfortunately, westerners do not know if this procession is not immediately done.

In Islam, the person who is caught apostate should be given the opportunity to repent. Even according to some other hadith narration up to 3 times with intensive guide.

After this invitation was rejected, then the death penalty was carried out. Not all Apostates fail to return to Islam, but some do show defiance, even insulting the Messenger and his teachings. Something like this will only be punished, because the potential for damaging it is great and will be inevitable if not eradicated.

Although Islam executes apostates, it seems that westerners should also know the treatment of this religion to Converts. Yes, in Islam a person who has just become a Muslim will be given zakat and this is mandatory.

5. Westerners Recognize the Greatness of Muslim Scientists

There are so many westerners who believe in this religion not only from the value of its teachings, but also based on scientific matters. As is known, Islam used to completely dominate the world not only territorially but also civilization including science.

Many Muslim scientists have proven to have outstanding work. Call it Ibn Sina who is famous for his medical science, Ibn Rushd whose book became literature for philosophy and social sciences, and many others.

Unfortunately, westerners sometimes only judge Islam from the outside. So that came one-sided opinions that ultimately lowered the value of Islam.

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