5 Facts about Qurban in islam

in Eid al-Adha there will always be a procession of slaughtering qurban animals. On that day Allah will give us the opportunity to draw nearer to Him by slaughtering the qurban.

By slaughtering qurban animals, we have carried out the command of God as a symbol of piety and our love for Allah SWT.

But behind the celebrations conducted every 10th Dhu’l-Hijjah it is not just a procession to slaughter animals qurban only. There are a lot of things people rarely know behind it. Well friend, here are 5 facts about qurban that are rarely known.

Qurban Means Not Slaughtering

If all this time we think that the word qurban slaughters animals, then it is wrong. Qurban comes from Arabic, namely qaraba which means close. According to the term, qurban is everything that is used to draw closer to God either in the form of slaughter animals or others

In Arabic itself, sacrificial animals are referred to as udhhiyah. This word is taken from the word dhuha, which is when the sun begins to stand which is prescribed to perform sacrificial slaughter

So the qurban relationship with Udhiyah is sacrificial animals (camels, cows, and goats) that are slaughtered on the feast of qurban and the days of tasyriq as taqarrub. Taqarrub is derived from the word qurban also which means to draw closer to Allah.

Qurban First Time Not from Prophet Ibrahim

The first qurban procession was not done by Prophet Ibrahim and Ishmael, but Habil and Qabil the son of Adam.

At that time, Habil as a farmer gave his best cattle to be sacrificed, while Qabil as a farmer gave a bad harvest and his qurban was rejected by God.

That is the reason in sacrificing is required to be sincere and choose the best animals or without defects.

Its Not Only in Islamic Teaching

Not only Islam, The Jewish religion that is part of the Abrahamic religion also carried out a qurban procession called Kurbanot. Kurbanot in Judaism is the term for sacrifice described and commanded in the Torah.

The sacrifices commonly sacrificed were animals, such as sheep or buffalo, and were often cooked and eaten by the offering giver, with some given to Kohanim (priest) and some burned to the altar.

In contrast to Islamic teachings, Jewish teachings not only sacrificed with animals but also with fruits, incense, and cereals.

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Qurban of The Prophet

On hajj wada’ messenger of Allaah alaihi wasallam once sacrificed as many as 100 camels. 63 were bought by the Apostle and 37 were slaughtered by Ali ibn Abi Talib. The number 63 is also a premonition that he will die at the age of 63 just as the number of animals sacrificed.

Another fact also mentions that there is no qurban procession in Saudi. Not that there is no quran worship, but the procession of gotong-royong like in the country is rarely found there.

There for those who want to sacrifice enough to provide money for service providers and qurban meat is exported to countries in need because the people in Saudi generally prosper.

Scientifically, The Method of Slaughter in Islam Does Not Hurt

Based on research by Prof. Wilhelm and Dr. Hazim from the University of Hannover, Germany, it is proven that animals slaughtered in an Islamic way do not feel pain and that their meat meets the principles of Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP).

It is also because of the Islamic way of giving the condition that slaughter animals with a very sharp knife and in a fast way.

In comparison, in Islamic law, slaughter is carried out with a sharp knife, by cutting 3 channels in the neck, namely the feeding canal, airway and two vascular tracts, namely arteries.

In conventional western methods, slaughter is usually done with an electric pistol to make the animal faint.

To get valid results, both researchers installed a microchip called an Electroencephalograph (EEG). EEG is installed in the brain to record pain when slaughtered.

In the heart of the cows was also installed Electro Cardiograph (ECG) to record the activity of the heart when blood came out due to slaughter.

Result? Slaughter according to Islamic law does not cause pain to the animals sacrificed. The reason, In the first 3 seconds after the cattle were slaughtered noted no changes on the EEG chart.

This indicates no pain.

In the next 3 seconds, EEG in the cerebelous brain recorded a gradual decrease in graphs that were very similar to sleep.

After that, the EEG on recording the existence of a gradual decrease in the chart until the cow completely loses consciousness.

On the other hand, western-style conventional slaughter shows a significant increase in EEG charts. This indicates pain.

In ECG testing, the graph shows a decrease in the graph, resulting in the heart losing the ability to draw blood. As a result, blood is not able to come out so it makes meat unsafe to consume.


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