5 Healthy Secrets of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Prophet Muhammad SAW has a healthy lifestyle. Even in his life he only got sick twice. It’s a healthy secret ala Rasulullah SAW.

It is said that during the life of the Prophet (pbuh) only felt pain twice. The first pain after receiving the first revelation in which he felt a severe fever.

The second illness was when The Prophet Muhammad SAW was seriously ill which later caused him to die. The condition explains that The Prophet Muhammad SAW has a strong and healthy physique.

In fact, the conditions in the arabian peninsula at that time were fairly barren, harsh and unfriendly. Outwardly, the Prophet (pbuh) was able to prevent things that could potentially bring disease.

1. Be Selective about Food

5 Healthy Secrets of Prophet Muhammad SAW
5 Healthy Secrets of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Prophet Muhammad SAW highly selects what kind of food goes into his mouth. There is no food in his mouth, unless it is halal and thayyib (good).

Halal is related to the affairs of the Hereafter for example halal how to obtain and halal goods. Semenyara thayyib deals with worldly affairs.

For example, whether or not food or nutritious or not food consumed. One of the favorite foods of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is honey mixed with water,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “You should use two kinds of medicine, namely honey and AlQur-an,” (HR. IbnMajah and Hakim).

2. Don’t Eat Before You Get Hungry and Stop Before You’re Full

Prophet Muhammad SAW never overeat. Therefore, he always applies the principle of eating before hunger and quitting before he is full.

The rule is that the capacity of the stomach is divided into three parts, namely one-third for food (solids), one-third for beverages (liquids) and one-third for air (gas).

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “The son of Adam does not end up in a place worse than his stomach. Enough for them some bribes that can function their bodies,”.

“If there is no other way, then he can fill his stomach with a third for food, a third for drink and a third for breathing,” (Hr Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibban).

3. Eat Calmly and relax, Healthy Secrets of Prophet

5 Healthy Secrets of Prophet Muhammad SAW
5 Healthy Secrets of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Prophet Muhammad SAW always tuma’ninah when eating, meaning is eating calm or not rushed. This way of eating avoids choking and being bitten.

In addition, it also helps the work of organs in performing the digestive system become lighter. That way, food can be chewed better, so that the work of digestive organs can run perfectly.

While food that is not chewed well will be difficult to digest. The way to eat if for a long period of time can cause cancer in the colon.

Healthy Food Mentioned in The Quran

4. Fasting Sunnah

The Prophet (pbuh) not only performs obligatory fasting, but also istiqamah to fast sunnah. There are some sunnah fasts that are recommended, such as Monday-Kami, Ayyamul Bidh, Fasting David and others.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said that fasting is a shield against various physical and spiritual diseases. The benefit in health is that it can melt various food pulp.

It can also refrain from harmful foods. Fasting is also a sedative for stamina and organs so that the energy is maintained.

Fasting is very potent for detoxification or thorough detoxification of toxins.

5. Good Sleep Patterns, Healthy Secrets of Prophet

Good Sleep Patterns
Good Sleep Patterns

In addition to diet, Prophet Muhammad SAW also regulates a good sleep pattern. He always sleeps early at night and wakes up in the middle of the second night.

Then, he will do wudoo’ and pray and until the time permitted by Allah SWT. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never slept beyond the need, but also did not refrain from sleeping just as needed.

The way the Prophet slept is also full of meaning. According to Ibn al-Qayyim Al Jauziyyah in the book The Prophet’s Method of Medicine revealed that the Apostle slept by tilting the body to the right, while remembering Allah SWT until his eyes felt heavy.

Sometimes he also tilts his body to the left briefly, to then back to the right. This way of sleeping is an effective way.

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