5 historic mosque in the United States

Islamic Center of Washington

Mosque (Masjid ; arabic) is a center of Islamic activities that have two important roles, namely places of worship and history. Located on Embassy Row, the mosque was the start of a discussion between former Egyptian ambassador Mahmood Hassan pasha and M Abu al-hawa in 1944.

Architect from the Italian country Mario Rossi was appointed as the designer of this masjid with the exterior of this building adapted from the architectural style of the mosque in the Middle East.

Inaugurated in 1957, then-U.S. President Dwight Elsenhower said in a speech that Islamic traditions and culture have an important influence on world civilization.

Islamic Center of Southern California

5 historic mosque in the United States
5 historic mosque in the United States

The only masjid located in the Los Angeles area was founded in 1952. Most of the mosque’s worshippers are muslim foreign students who attend UCLA and the University of Southern California.

In the 1960s, Los Angeles was visited by muslim immigrants from Burma, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran who immediately became worshippers of the masjid. This masjid is also one of the centers of Islamic activities in Southern California.

Mother Mosque of America

5 historic mosque in the United States
5 historic mosque in the United States

Also known as The Rose of Fraternity Lodge, the first masjid to be established in North America, many Muslim immigrants who came here in the 20th century worked as farmers or shopkeepers in the Midwest.

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Lowa was the first city to invite priests to fill lectures in the country’s capital, Des Moines. This city is very popular for Muslims to be occupied.

Toledo Islamic Center

In 1900 immigrants from Syria and Lebanon first came to Toledo. The masjid was built close to the city center in 1954 by the Muslim community.

In 1970 the city’s leader planned to build a new masjid because as Muslims grew there and in 1983 twin towers and domes in Perrrysburg Township were established, now the masjid is a masjid representing Muslims from 23 countries.

Dearborn Mosque

5 historic mosque in the United States
5 historic mosque in the United States

The second oldest masjid in the United States was built in 1937 in the city of Detroit. The mosque, which is nearly a block long, is home to the country’s largest Arab-American poopulation.

The mosque became a center of social activity for residents and the court issued an injunction to allow the use of loudspeakers when the first azan was resounding in the United States.

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