5 Historic Mosques of Mecca

Ar-Rayah Mosque

Ar-Rayah means flag. In the past, before the mosque stood, the prophet Muhammad’s army planted the flag of islamic troops in this place.

At the liberation of mecca, the Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered Zubair bin Awam to carry a flag or banner to move towards the city of mecca.

Before reaching the city of mecca or above mecca, precisely hujun area, the Prophet (peace be upon him) rested, bathed, and reassuring his troops.

Then he climbed onto his camel and prayed for the victory of mecca’s deliverance. The location of this mosque is about 300 meters from the Grand Mosque.

Today the mosque is known as Al-Judariyah Mosque because it is located on Gaza Road and Judariyah.

Among Indonesians, it is better known as the Cat Mosque. There used to be a restaurant next to the mosque that many cats visited.

Jin Mosque

5 Historic Mosques of Makkah
5 Historic Mosques of Makkah

The mosque is located near Ma’lah cemetery. It is about 1 kilometer from the Grand Mosque. In this mosque, the Prophet (peace be upon him) had a dialogue with the jinn.

The mosque is located close to the Ma’lah cemetery in Mantiqah Al-Hajun. It is about 3 kilometers from the Grand Mosque. This mosque was visited by the Prophet (peace be upon him) while on a trip with Abdullah bin Mas’ud.

Khalid bin Walid Mosques

Khalid bin Walid Mosque
Khalid bin Walid Mosque

The mosque is located on Jalan Khalis bin Walid in the Syubaikah area. This mosque was used as the place of the banner of Khalid bin Walid during Fathul mecca.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered Khalid to move down mecca which is now called Rai’u rasam.

The Apostle commanded not to attack first, if they did not attack, and then met the prophet’s army in Shafa.

Hamzah Bin Abdil Muttalib Mosques

This mosque is located between the meeting of two roads, namely Jalan Ibrahim and Jalan Hamzah, in the Misfalah area, mecca.

Ijabah Mosque

Ijabah Mosque
Ijabah Mosque

Ijabah means granted. At that time, the Prophet (peace be upon him) prayed in this place. It is located around the area of Al-Mu’abadah, the valley of the village of qunfudz.

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This area is on the left of the Grand Mosque to Mina, and in the former place of prayer of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was built a mosque with the name of Ijabah Mosque.

At that time Allah (SWT) granted Muhammad’s request while in the Cave of Hira. When night came, beliay left the two for mecca, then Bani Qunfudz stopped by to rest and pray.

The Prophet’s wife picked him up in the middle of the road, namely at the Ijabah Mosque.

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