5 Most Successful Muslim Footballers in the World

5 Most Successful Muslim Footballers in the World

As is known, nowadays a lot of Muslim footballers who have been known in the world. Even some of the players managed to achieve success and various achievements.

So who is the most successful muslim footballer in his football career?

Frank Ribery

Muslim Footballers
Muslim Footballers

Franck Ribery is one of the muslim players who has achieved many achievements in the world of football. He is even considered one of the best wingers of all time.

His name rose to prominence after strengthening germany’s top team, Bayern Munich.

Various prestigious trophies were won, one of them from the German League. There, he was able to claim a total of nine titles.

Ribery himself is known to have converted to Islam in 2002. His wife, Wahiba, played an important role in Ribery’s decision to convert.

Ribery is currently playing for Fiorentina.

Karim Benzema

Muslim Footballers
Muslim Footballers

Real Madrid have a Muslim footballer named Karim Benzema. The player who plays as an attacker is also known as a Muslim who is quite obedient and does not forget to thank Allah SWT.

Evidently in every end of the real Madrid game, Benzema always expressed gratitude alias by saying alhamdulillah.

As is known, Alhamdulillah is an expression of gratitude of a Muslim for the gift of Allah.

Even in some posts on Benzema’s instagram, he did not forget to always slip the word Alhamdullilah. As a Muslim, Of course Benzema strives to always be grateful and carry out his religious orders.

Now Benzema is Madrid’s main goal machine. He was Zinedine Zidane’s only hope in madrid’s forward line to score.

Certainly for the title issue, Benzema has almost tasted every title with Los Blancos.

Eric Abidal

Muslim Footballers
Muslim Footballers

Eric Abidal clearly should be on the list of the most accomplished Muslim footballers. Because his association with Barcelona has made Abidal managed to carve out various achievements. T.

ak wonder if he holds the status as a barcelona legend after retiring as a professional footballer.

During his time at Barcelona, Abidal won numerous titles in prestigious competitions. The titles include two Champions League trophies, four Spanish League titles, and two Club World Cup titles.

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Mohamed Salah

Muslim Footballers
Muslim Footballers

Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian, is still liverpool’s goal-scoring machine.

Although Liverpool are in a slump, which is in seventh place, but Salah is still able to shine alone in terms of scoring goals.

Salah is in a duel with Harry Kane on the Premier League’s top scoring list for 2020-2021.

Salah and Kane have both collected 19 goals and kept them on top of the scoring charts together. It certainly proves that Salah’s moment is not over yet.

Salah himself is known as a devout Muslim. He also has a habit or characteristic to always prostrate when he manages to score. Prostration is clear to show gratitude to Allah SWT.

With Salah’s help, Liverpool won the Champions League and Premier League titles, a title the Reds have long long longed for.

Zinedine Zidane

Muslim Footballers
Muslim Footballers

Zinedine Zidane clearly needs to be at the top of the list of the most successful Muslim footballers in world football. His ability in the world of football is certainly unquestionable.

Not only did he make a fine career as a player, Zidane also achieved a resounding achievement when he assumed the status of current coach.

While still actively serving as a professional footballer, Zidane was able to win various prestigious trophies.

Some of these were in france winning the World Cup in 1998 and the European Cup in 2000.

Now, as a coach, Zidane has also achieved a fantastic feat. He was able to lead Real Madrid to various prestigious titles.

One of them is in the Champions League in three consecutive seasons. Most recently, he also led Madrid to the Spanish League title this season.

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