5 Muslim who may be smarter than Einstein

Back in the middle ages, Islam was once very successful in the world. Not only does it control about one-third of the Earth, but it also develops fields of science and science.

As a result, in that era emerged reliable thinkers and scientists whose names are famous until now, even his book became a reference to modern scientific literature.

Names like Avicenna, Al Khwarizmi, Zahrawi may be rarely heard, but they succeeded in creating cool things that are not even less than what Einstein did. Let’s go back to this Muslim authority and get ready to be stunned at their work. Check out the following review.

1. Avicenna is a Muslim

For those of you who study medicine must be familiar with the name of this one, Avicenna aka Ibn Sina. He is a writer, a scientist and also a doctor.

Avicenna was born in Afsyahnah, an area now adjacent to Uzbekistan, in 980. Avicenna spends some of her time writing. His own work is no less than 450 book titles in the field of philosophy and medicine.

One of his most phenomenal books was Qanun fi Thib who then brought the world of medicine towards modernity. Because of this work, Avicenna was called the Father of Modern Medicine.

The book is also still used as one of the medical science literature to this day. Avicenna died in June 1037 in Iran.

2. Al Khawarizmi

It must be admitted that algebra is one of the branches of mathematics that makes the brain mumet. Even so, maybe you’ve asked unique questions like, “Who the hell made a calculation system like this? Doing it is already difficult let alone creating it.” Believe it or not the inventor of this unique calculating mechanism turned out not to be a western scientist, but a Muslim named Al Khawarizmi.

Al Khawarizmi is known as one of the most genius mathematicians of all centuries. One of his best works is what makes him dizzy, namely algebra.

Not only that, Al Khawarizmi also who has found various other mathematical formulas used in the modern era. Such as denominator and numeratoring techniques on fractions, trigonometry, linear equations and also square notation.

In addition to these great things, Al Khawarizmi is also known as the chairman of the world mapping project in the time of Caliph Al Ma’mun. The results of this mapping were then rewritten by the Europeans and then had a tremendous impact. Al Khawarizmi died in the 850s, leaving a great legacy in the field of devolves.

3. Zahrawi

Talking about medicine related to Islam, it is not only about Avicenna but also Zahrawi. Yup, the man who was born as Abul Qasim Khalaf ibn Al-Abbas Az-Zahrawi is also known for his phenomenal works in the field of medicine.

In one of his books entitled Al Tasrif, Zahrawi describes a variety of medical methods that are very complex for the medieval era. For example, surgery, orthopedics, pharmacy and general knowledge of medical medicine. Not only that, in one of his volumes Zahrawi also explained about the use of cosmetics, starting the use of hand lotions, deodorants and hair dyes. Al Tasrif itself consists of 30 volumes and successfully became medical literature in the world.

Zahrawi is so revered in Europe, even his book became a reference to western lectures for almost 5 centuries in the medieval era. One of these proud Muslims died in 1013 and his name was enshrined into one of the streets in Cordoba, Calle Albucasis.

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4. Averroes is a Muslim

Although his name is rarely heard when compared to everyone on this list, but his gait can not be considered one eye at all. Averroes, also known as Ibn Rushd, is an expert in various disciplines.

Starting from philosophy, medicine and also jurispruded. All his books have been translated into Latin as well as Hebrew so his work really influenced many people especially in Europe.

One of his most famous achievements was when Averroes reviewed Aristotle’s philosophy. His comments were absolutely brilliant and even influenced european Christian philosophers at that time.

Not only that, Averroes also reviewed the works of Muslims themselves such as Avicenna and Al Ghazali. Averroes, who died in 1198 during his lifetime, is also well known as a judge.

5. Ibn Khaldun

Although a Muslim, ibn Khaldun’s work is highly appreciated by the western world, even he earned the title of Father of Historiography. Like the title given to him, Ibn Khaldun is famous for his work in the field of history. In fact, he is also known as the first person known to record various events that are then packaged into a book.

Not only history, Ibn Khaldun is also famous for the philosophical, social, economic, and political sciences. Most of his work was translated by great figures and then had a wide impact.

One of his greatest works is muqaddimah, a book that combines history, philosophy and social things. This book also managed to inspire many people, even including Mark Zuckerberg who once included this book in his Facebook community.

If you look back in time, Islam really succeeded in conquering the world. Not only through the size of the territory, but also fundamental things such as various scientific disciplines. Their work also inspired many westerners.

So, it may be that famous European figures were originally just an ordinary scientist who then succeeded thanks to the development of science that had been written by Avicenna et al.

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