5 Proof That America Is a Lost Muslim Country

America is one of the largest non-Muslim countries in the world. In fact, more than three-quarters of Americans are Christian.

But did you know that in the past, America was closely related to Islam?

History reveals that America was first discovered by Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492, under the Spanish Castilian flag.

But that has now been debunked. Because of the discovery of a number of evidence that revealed that the American inventor was a Muslim.

Even long before the pirates from Europe came, Islam had become a cultural culture in America until it eventually became extinct and apostasy. One of the evidence is the existence of the Cherokee, which is one of the American Indian tribes that allegedly adhered to Islam. In addition, there are 5 pieces of evidence showing that America is a lost Muslim country. What are the evidence?

The Existence of the Cherokee, Fact of America

5 Proof That America Is a Lost Muslim Country
5 Proof That America Is a Lost Muslim Country

If you are visiting Washington DC, then come to the Library of Congress. Then ask for an archive of the United States government’s agreement with the Cherokee.

There you will find the signatures of cherokee chiefs at the time named AbdeKhak and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.

The treaty concerns the cherokee’s right to exist in trade, shipping and the form of government of the Cherokee people at that time under Islamic law.

Then you will see the cherokee dress habit that covers the awrah and the men wear turbans and canals to the knees.

You can see this dress in photographs and paintings of cherokees taken before 1832. Even the last cherokee chieftain before it was completely extinct was a Muslim named Ramadan Ibn Wati.

Speaking of the Cherokee, it is inseparable from the Sequoyah. He was a native of the Cherokee people who had a forebear and revived their Syllabary tribe in 1821.

Syllabry is a kind of script. If the characters we know are alphabets A to Z, then the cherokee characters are different. And what makes it so remarkable is that this sequoyah revived script is similar to the Arabic script.

Even in some 7th-century Cherokee writings found sculpted on rocks in Nevada are very similar to the Arabic word “Muhammad”.

Not only the Cherokee, but also the names of other Indian tribes and their chiefs are of Arabic origin, such as Anasazi, Apache, Arawak, Arikana, Makkah, Hohokam, Hupa and so on.

Some of his chiefs even wore headgear typical of Muslims. This can be seen in the photographs of 1835 and 1870.

Barry Fell Research, Fact of America

In addition, Barry Fell, a researcher from Harvard University in his book Saga America (1980) revealed that muslims had been present in the Americas long before Christopher Columbus discovered.

He revealed that the oldest record of Muslim presence in the Americas is estimated to date back to the period 700-800 AD.

5 Proof That America Is a Lost Muslim Country
5 Proof That America Is a Lost Muslim Country

In his book, Fell provides strong scientific evidence that Muslims from North and West Africa had arrived in America centuries before the Columbus expedition.

According to him there are a number of archaeological relics that corroborate the theory. For example, in the arid western region of the U.S., he found several carvings on rocks containing text, diagrams and graphs in Arabic letters.

According to Fell, the fragments are strong evidence that Muslims had landed in America long before europeans set foot on the continent.

He also mentioned that some names among the American Indian population have Arabic root, including Medina in Idaho, Mahomet in Illinois, Hazen in the North, Arva in Ontario (Canada) and many more. He also mentioned a number of Indian names derived from Arabic.

“There are at least 484 U.S. villages, towns, mountains, lakes and rivers rooted in Islam and Arabia,” Richard Brent Turner says in the book Islam in the African-American Experience

Al-Masudi Map, Fact of America

Al-Masudi Map
Al-Masudi Map

A map of al-Masudi’s world from 956 AD shows that the “unknown land” crossed the Atlantic from Africa. A Muslim historian from Andalusia, Abu al-Hasan al-Masudi records that in 956 AD there was a voyage by some Andalusian sailors in 889 AD.

It took months to sail from Andalusia to the west until a large landfall was discovered at sea.

The discovery of the land was then continued by trade with the natives until they returned to Andalusia.

Al-Masudi also noted complete with a map that the land was across the ocean and referred to it as “Unknown Land.”

So it is clear that the theory that the New World, the Americas was not invented by Columbus.

Even after the voyage recorded by al-Masui there is ample historical literacy evidence that the Arabs, West Africans and Ottomans had sailed the Atlantic ocean before Columbus and the Europeans entered the Americas.

Writing Bilali Muhammad

The Americans are listed as america’s first Muslim scholars and scholars. There is a misunderstanding about Islam in American society and the Muslim community in America.

They consider that Islam in America today was only developed by educated scholars and scholars of immigrant groups from the Middle East in the modern century.

History of the Land of Palestine: Facts and Conflict Reason

However, this misconception is disputed by a historical documentation by an educated Muslim scholar from West Africa named Bilali Muhammad.

The cleric is of Fulber origin and was born around 1770 AD in the city of Timbo which is now part of the state of Guinea. He is fluent in Arabic and understands hadith, sharia and interpretation.

He was taken to a plantation on the Caribbean island in 1802 and continued to be employed in Georgia, USA. Bilali brought islamic education with his arrival to America.

This was proven by the discovery of a 13-page manuscript written by Bilali and given to a writer, Francis Robert Goulding, before he died in 1857.

Legal Donations

Although controversial yet a decoration designed by Adolph Weinman on the northern wall of the American Supreme Court depicts the great lawmakers of the Middle Ages.

The wall decorations carved in one area of the United States Agubg Court consist of 18 statues of people considered to be of great inspiration in the laying down of the law of the United States constitution. But the most interesting thing is that there is a statue mentioned as the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

There the Prophet Muhammad SAW is shown holding the Qur’an and sword. Thus, The Prophet Muhammad SAW is recognized as a contributor to constitutional law in the Supreme Court.

Although in Islam the making of statues of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is prohibited, but the existence of the statue proves that Islam has strong roots in the history of this country.

The people considered meritorious include Hammurabi, Menes, Musam Lycurgus, King Solomon, Draco, Solon, Octavian, Confucius, Prophet Muhammad SAW, Justinian, King Charlemagne, Louis IX, king John, Hugo Grotius, John Marshall, William Blackstone, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

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