5 Reasons You Should Travel to Oman

Want to travel to the Middle East? In addition to Umrah to the Holy Land, one of the countries that you should visit is Oman. A sultanate in the Middle East.

On the other hand, the beauty of Oman is not only seen in the character of its citizens. Here is a summary of umroh.com about five reasons we should travel to Oman.

Omani Society Is Kind and Friendly

It is uncomfortable to visit a country where the citizens are cold and indifferent to tourists. Not so with Oman. One of the things that attracts many tourists is the hospitality and warmth of its citizens.

Omanis are known to be very cheap smiles. They don’t even hesitate to invite tourists to come to his house. At home, guests are usually treated to a variety of foods, ranging from fresh fruit, dates, coffee, to their cuisine.

To make guests feel more special, they will burn frankincense, a flavorful log widely used in the Middle East.

Omanis are also very proud if there are people or tourists who want to know their country. They will welcome the tourists kindly, then introduce various good things about their country. Therefore, they also do not hesitate to talk warmly with the tourist

Have Cultural Wealth

Oman is one of the countries in the Middle East that still maintains its cultural heritage. In fact, the culture in Oman is the richest in the Arabian Peninsula.

They have a rich history, as well as a high civilization. The people also have norms and traditions that they still hold dear to this day.

Omanis are also very proud of their culture. They always enjoy wearing traditional clothes and traditional jewelry.

They also hold many traditional festivals and celebrations that are full of meaning. This can be a very interesting tourist attraction for tourists. Plus they will be happy to invite tourists to join in enjoying their traditions.sts.

In Oman, each region has its own traditional clothing. Traditional clothing in Oman usually has a unique design and interesting colors. Usually, they wear traditional clothing when attending special events.

Have Amazing Natural Beauty

The reason for this trip to Oman is different from the assumptions of the community so far. Although located in the Middle East which is synonymous with deserts and arid land, Oman actually has a variety of natural beauty.

Not only deserts, Oman has many green mountains with caves and wadis (canyons) that spoil the eyes, date plantations that supply dates throughout the country, as well as beautiful beaches.

Many Middle Eastern citizens who are neighboring countries of Oman make this country as a tourist destination. In Oman, we can enjoy a variety of natural activities.

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Starting from climbing mountains, down wadis, relaxing on the beach, and so on. Therefore, Oman is very suitable to be a place for those who seek tranquility.

Have Many Festivals

Omanis are known to often host festivals. One of the festivals that are widely known by foreign tourists is the Khareef festival in Salalah. Khareef is a spring that usually occurs in Salalah, which is in the southern part of Oman.

This season usually occurs in June to September each year. In the Khareef season, Salalah usually becomes greener and has a lot of rainfall. Salalah becomes more beautiful because of the many green scenery that can be enjoyed. The natural beauty attracts tourists to come to visit Salalah.

Maintained Cleanliness

Comfort when traveling in Oman is not in doubt. Oman is also known as one of the cleanest countries in the world.

The streets of Oman always seem clean and organized. We rarely find rubbish strewn about. That’s because Omanis love their homeland so much that they are willing to abide by the rules to maintain cleanliness.

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