5 signs that we love for the Quran

Moslimdaily – The Quran is a guideline for every Muslim. Reading it becomes something that must be done, so that every Muslim knows the way of truth. Well, what sign of us loving the Quran?

Not only reading, analyzing and practicing is the main key to salvation in the world and the hereafter.

We often assume that we loves the Quran very much. We believe the Quran to be our holy book and guide to life. We glorify it so much, that it always maintains chastity when holding the Quran.

Then, is it true that what we express (loves for the Quran)?

There are five signs we love the Quran, namely:

1. Our Sign of Loves for the Quran: We are very happy and excited when we read the Quran (not reading seasonally).

2. Our Sign of Love for the Quran: We don’t get bored when we read the Quran, even more excited to read it.

3. Our Sign of Love for the Quran: There is a longing to read the Quran every day.

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4. Our Sign of Love for the Quran: We practice what the Quran commands love

5. Our Sign of Love for the Quran: We believe and are confident in the content of the Quran.

Well, those five things are the signs that someone really loves the Quran. Are there those five things, then, in us?

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