5 Ways for Invite Angel to your home

Try this to invite the angel come to your Home | Inviting relatives to come to the house is a common habit. The trick is not difficult, just contact by phone and other communication tools.

If there are no obstacles, then they will be happy to visit. But what’s the story if you want to invite angels to come?

A home would be greatly endowed if this special guest came. In addition, its existence in the house will calm the hearts of the residents.

inviting the Angel of God is not as easy as inviting friends and relatives. There are things that must be prepared in advance so that they want to stop by. The following five things are some ways to do it. Like what? Here’s the review.

1. Make Sure the House Is Always Clean and Tidy

5 Ways for Invite Angels to your home
5 Ways for Invite Angels to your home

The first thing to do is to make sure our house is clean from uncleanness. This is very important, because basically God loves cleanliness very much, so that angels as the most obedient followers also have a similar nature.

Not just at home. Cleanliness should also be done by the residents. Angels are pure and noble beings, so they like a human being who keeps himself chaste.

It was narrated from Mujahid ra, he said, “The Messenger (Gabriel) was late to meet the Messenger of Allah, then Gabriel came to him and the Messenger asked “What is holding you back from seeing me?” He said, “How do I come to you when you do not cut your nails, do not clean your fingers?”

If you already know this, then start to tidy up the house, clean yourself from dirt. So that angels will always come to our homes.

2. Many Dhikr and Prostrating, The Ways for Invite the Angel

Many Dhikr and Prostrating
Many Dhikr and Prostrating

The second way to invite this holy creature is to remember and prostrate to God. This being created from nur (light) is very obedient and submissive to God.

They always remember their Creator, so when they hear the dhikr in a house, they will come to stop by. Not only see, angels will also surrounded its inhabitants with mercy and tranquility.

“There is not a people sitting in remembrance of Allah, but they will be surrounded by angels, and mercy will come upon them, and peace will descend upon them. Allah will mention them to the angels with Him.” Muslim)

If you want the presence of the angel of God, then fill the house with the recitation of dhikr and your prostration to Allah SWT.

3. Reading the Qur’an in many times, The Ways for Invite the Angel

5 Ways for Invite Angels to your home
5 Ways for Invite Angels to your home

Fill the house with Quran readings for you and your family. Because this way the angels will stop by to visit our house.

They will be happy to listen to the verses that God has sent down to mankind. As the Messenger of Allah has mentioned:

“Surely the house will be spacious for its inhabitants, will come to the angels, shunned shaytan and will flood the goodness into it, if the Qur’an is recited in it. On the other hand, the house will be cramped for its inhabitants, and the angels will be shunned, and there will be shaytaan and there will not be much good in it, if not recited the Qur’an” (HR. Ad-Darimi).

4. Like to Studying

Like to Study
Like to Study

Don’t want to study. Because angels love this so much. They will even visit people who are actively studying in their lives.  How, still say education is not important? While when sick, we only trust doctors because they have a higher education. Never give up, do not underestimate the knowledge, because even angels love it.

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5. Give Alms, The Ways for Invite the Angel

Like To Give Alms
Like To Give Alms

Angels not only enter the house of the one who likes to give alms, but also pray for his goodness. As the following hadith: The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Every morning the angel comes down, one prays, “O Allah give in exchange for the charitable, and the other prays, O Allah Destroy the property of the hunk.”

How, still want to be stingy? Whereas by giving alms we will be visited malakat plus prayed to get a change.

As if waiting for the beloved, waiting for the angel we must prepare in such a way. Hopefully after this, our house will have such a great guest.

They decorate our homes with peace of heart, gratitude and always be blessed with grace. Aamiin O God.

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