5 Women Who Failed to Marry the Prophet

Prophet Muhammad SAW, as an ordinary human being has a sense of attraction to the opposite sex. He got married. Even in certain stages of his life, he married several women at once. However, for a long time, he was only married to a wife.

The tradition of marriage, in some cultures, is preceded by the process of applying. The Arabs have the term khitbah. It means a conversation to affirm the desire to marry a woman. Khitbah is performed by a man, or a male party representative.

Sometimes, the proposal or marriage continues at a more formal level, namely marriage. Not infrequently, the engagement ended in a collapse.

The collapse of the engagement occurred due to a variety of things. However, the collapse of this wedding plan does not just happen to those of us who live today. Prophet Muhammad SAW has also experienced the same thing.

At least, there are five women who were originally to be married by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

These are the five women whom the Prophet had asked for, but were not married for one reason or another, as mentioned by Imam Al-Thabari in the Book of Dates al-Rusul Wa al-Mulk:

Um Hani’ bint Abu Thalib

Judging from her nasab, she is the daughter of Abu Talib. That is, Um Hani’ is the brother of Ali bi Abi Talib. Thus, in fact he is still counted as a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

When he had asked for it, the Messenger of Allah was informed that he had had children. The Prophet (pbuh) then canceled um Hani’s proposal.

Dhuba’ah bint Amir

Full name Dhuba’ah bint Amir bin Qurazh. A woman from Mecca. He is known as a beautiful meccan poet. He married a Quraysh man named Hisham ibn Mughirah. His marriage to Hisham, sent down Salamah ibn Hisham.

Because of hearing the news of her beauty, Prophet Muhammad SAW intended to ask her after the death of her husband. Through his son, Salamah ibn Hisham. Salamah ibn Hisham then asked permission of his widowed mother.

Five Women Who Failed to Marry the Prophet
Five Women Who Failed to Marry the Prophet


Under current law, prisoners of war will have a choice. Killed or made a war-winning slave. The losing party will be divided into the winning team and the leader of the winning group.

If it fared well, the party that obtained the prisoner of war could have freed the prisoner who became his slave.

When the division of prisoners, Shafiyah fell into the hands of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In the hands of the Prophet, Shafiyah was given a choice, between choosing whether to be made a Prophet as his wife or he remained with her husband.

This means that the Prophet proposed a proposal for Shafiyah’s . Shafiyah chose her husband. Then the Prophet (pbuh) released him.

Um Habib bint Abbas bin Abdul Mutallib

Judging from her nasab, she was the daughter of Abbas ibn Abdul Mutallib. That is, she was the daughter of the Prophet’s uncle or cousin of the Prophet. Just like Ali ibn Abi Talib or Um Hani’. However, it turns out that the Prophet’s relationship with Um Habib was not only as a cousin.

But, even nephews. Um Habib’s father was Abbas. Abbas himself was the prophet’s half-brother in tsuwaibah’s house. Because he is still in a close relative who is forbidden to marry, then the Prophet did not continue his proposal.

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Jamrah bint Harits

The Prophet (pbuh) once asked him. However, his father, Harith ibn Abi Harithah, said that in his body there was a barash because of a disease. Actually the defect doesn’t exist.

But strangely, after his father rejected the Prophet’s proposal by lying, it appeared defective on his son’s body. The Prophet (pbuh) then canceled his proposal. Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani included his father Harith ibn Abi Harithah in the list of companions of the Prophet.

So five women who had been invited by the Prophet, but did not become married for one thing or another. Hopefully add information for the readers.

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