6 Facts of Badr War, The great victory of Muslims

For Muslims, the Battle of Badr was a major event. This is the first major battle between Muslims and the enemy. With The help of Allah, the Muslims won, albeit outnumbered.

So great, Allah SWT until named it as Yaum Al Furqan (day of distinction) because on that day distinguished which one haq and false. Then Allah sent down great help for the Muslims and overth made them victors over their enemies.

What a victory for Muslims. Therefore, to coincide with the month of Ramadan,

Taking place in Ramadan

The Battle of Badr occurred on the 17th of Ramadan, 2 years after Rasullulah SAW emigrated to Medina.

Badr place is 70 miles from Medina

The battle site of Badr is 70 miles from Medina. If walking by land by car, it takes about 1 Hour 45 Minutes. At the time rasullulah SAW may be much longer.

battle of badr Narrated in the Qur’an

6 Facts of badr war, the great victory of Muslims
6 Facts of badr war, the great victory of Muslims

The Battle of Badr is mentioned through several verses in the Quran Surah Ali-‘Imran:

Qur’an 3: 123 : God has helped you in the battle of Badr, when you were weak. So fear Allah that you may be grateful.

Qur’an 3: 124 : (Remember) when you said to the believers, “Is it not sufficient for you that Allah will help you with three thousand angels sent down?”

Quran 3: 125 : Yes, if you are patient and alert, and they come upon you instantly, Allah will help you with five thousand angels who wear signs.

Quran 3: 126 : And Allah did not make the gift of reinforcements but as a glad tidings for you, and that your hearts may be at rest thereby. And your victory is only from the All-mighty.

Muslims outnumbered

The Muslim army was outnumbered by the Quraysh, with a ratio of 1: 3. The Muslims numbered only 313 while the Quraysh had more than 950 people.

Almost all of Rasullulah’s companions such as Abu Bakr, Umar, Ali, Hamza, Mus’ab ibn ‘Umair, Az-Zubair bin Al-‘Awwam, Ammar ibn Yasir, and Abu Dzar al-Ghifari, took part in the war.

Only Uthman could not join the war because he was instructed by the Prophet (pbuh) to take care of his wife Ruqayyah –the daughter of the Prophet — who was sick.

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Angels help the war of badr

About 5000 angels helped the Muslims to victory over the Quraysh who had better armies and weaponry.


A total of 14 companions of Rasullulah were martyred in the battle of Badr. Their names are listed on the location:

  • Sayyidina ‘Umayr ibn Abi Waqas.
  • Sayyidina Safwan ibn Wahb.
  • Sayyidina Dhu-Shimalayn ibn ‘Abdi.
  • Sayyidina Mihja ‘ibn Salih.
  • Sayyidina ‘Aqil bin al-Bukayr.
  • Sayyidina ‘Ubaydah ibn al-Harith.
  • Sayyidina Sa’ad ibn Khaythama.
  • Sayyidina Mubashir ibn ‘Abd al-Mundhir.
  • Sayyidina Harithah ibn Suraqah.
  • Sayyidina Rafi ‘ibn Mu’ala.
  • Sayyidina ‘Umayr ibn Humam.
  • Sayyidina Yazid ibn al-Harith.
  • Sayyidina Mu’awidh ibn al-Harith.
  • Sayyiduna ‘Awf ibn al-Harith.

While 70 people from the Quraysh army were killed, including one of their commanders, Abu Jahl. Many of those taken as captives of the Muslims were later redeemed

Prisoners of war are treated with dignity and respect. An event that indicates this is mentioned in Sahih al-Bukhari:

J├óbir recounts: “After the Battle of Badr, prisoners of war were taken. Among them is al-‘Abbas. He was not wearing a shirt, so Rasullulah found him a shirt. Turns out the shirt ‘Abdullah bin Ubayy was the right size, so the Prophet gave it to al-‘Abbas to wear and replace Abdullah’s clothes with his own.

And when We made a sign for the disbelievers, we said, “O my Lord! The balance of prayer and effort must be demonstrated and applied in all aspects of life.

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