6 Important Events in Safar Month (Islamic History)

In the Jahilid Arab era, Safar was once considered an unlucky month. The assumption arises because the word Safar in hadith can also mean bad luck.

But in Islam, no day, let alone a month, is considered unlucky. A cleric even explained the reason behind the naming of Safar.

Ibn Mandzur in Lisanul ‘Arab stated the name Safar was taken “Because of the emptyness of Mecca from its inhabitants when they travel.” (Ibn Mandzur, Lisânul ‘Arab, Dar el-Shâdir, Beirut, juz’ 4).

In the second month of Hijri, there are even many important events in the Islamic world that occurred in the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, khulafaur rasyidin, and the time after the caliphate.

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Habib Abu Bakr al-‘Adni in Mandzumah Sharh al-Atsar fî mâ Warada ‘an Syahri Safar, mentions the Messenger of Allah doing good traditions this month in order to abort the negative assumptions of people in the time of ignorance.

1. The Prophet’s Marriage to Khadija

مُبْتَدِئًا زَوَاجَهُ مِنْ أُمِّنَا # خَدِيْجَةَ الْكُبْرَى بِأَيَّامِ صَفَرْ وَكَانَ هَذَا قَبْلَ وَحْيِ رَبِّنَا…

“It began with his marriage to Sayyidah Khadija al-Kubra in the days of Safar, and the marriage took place before revelations from Allah (before prophethood).”

2. The Prophet married Sayyidah Fatimah to Ali ibn Abi Talib

وَزَوَّجَ الزَّهْرَاءَ فِيْهِ فَرِحَا …

“The Prophet married az-Zahra (Siti Fatimah) in Safar with pleasure…”

3. The emigration of the Prophet from Makkah to Medina also occurred in the month of Safar.

وَهِجْرَةُ الرَّسُوْلِ فِيْمَا ذَكَرُوا # بِآخِرِ الْأَيَّامِ فِي غَارِ الْحَجَرْ

“The emigration of the Messenger of Allah at the end of the month of Safar in al-Hajar cave as the scholars mentioned.”

4. The first war in Islam, the war of Abwa

وَغَزْوَةُ الْأَبْوَاءِ فِيْهِ صَدَرَتْ …

“The war of Abwa in safar which took place at the beginning.” Other important events not mentioned by Habib Abu Bakr al-‘Adni include:

5. The conquest of Khaibar in the 7th year of Hijri occurred in the month of Safar.

6. The Prophet sent Usamah bin Zaid

The Prophet sent Usamah bin Zaid to the leader of the army rum year 11 Hijri, it happened a few days before the death of the Messenger of Allah

It would be nice as Muslims to know the important events that have happened. Gratitude can reopen the books of history, so that we can take lessons from the best people before us.

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