6 Tips to Protect Muslims Woman from Crime

How to Protect Yourself from Crime for Muslims Woman

Taking care of yourself is very important. Given the number of cases of crime and violence that befall women, Muslims need to be vigilant. In some countries, racial crimes against Muslims are common, making their safety – especially muslim women – worth paying attention to.

It is important that Muslims should make these racist attacks a call for personal awareness. Muslims need to protect themselves from such crimes. Use these 6 self-defense tips to stay safe:

Mental Preparation is key – Muslims Woman Protect

Ask yourself a question: Do you know what you would do if you were confronted by one or more attackers who shouted racist profanities in front of you, and attacked you?

By mentally preparing from now on, you can reduce the effects of fear of paralysis and shock in the event of an unfortunate attack.

If you truly believe that your daily walking route is “safe”, you can lower your alertness and become a more likely target of attacks.

Caution is not just an oral warning. That alertness can be activated. Don’t lose focus when you’re alone in a public place, even if there are others around you.

Don’t chat on your phone or check text messages as you walk, stand in line, wait for a bus, or sit on a train or on the subway.

While your headphones are hidden behind a hijab and no one sees them, headphones can distract you from focusing on your surroundings.

Pay attention to the people and places around you. Walk wide and away from the corners of buildings and dark areas to avoid sudden attacks – even in broad daylight.

Follow the road in front of you and the people who walk towards you. Walk in areas where there are larger groups of people and walk quickly with confidence and caution.

Ideally, try to always travel with a partner or in a group. Don’t look distracted, or idle.

Be aware of your appearance and clothing as a target

Imagine how you might look as a cruel and racist person in a street that hates Muslims.

Even if an attack is not planned in advance, if a hateful person sees a Muslim woman who could be the right target, they may be motivated to attack.

As you dress yourself up in the morning, pause and think, “Is this outfit comfortable enough to allow me to suddenly run if necessary?”

Your choice of footwear is very important. If you tiptoe over cramped and uncomfortable shoes, your explosive means of escape from potential attackers will be slowed down.

Try to avoid high heels as you can roll up your ankles while trying to run. Many women also wear loose flat shoes that detach from your feet at every step you take.

It makes you hard to run and can make you stumble if you want to escape. Save your more luxurious shoes for later. Keep your feet comfortable moving when in public.

Always keep a view, stay mobile and not blocked in public

If you open your wallet or backpack, your head is bowed and you are not alert. Short moments without attention to your surroundings may be enough to make you a target.

If your hands are full of bulging grocery bags, your movement and reaction time slow down, and you become the target of a more convenient attack.

Try not to carry a carry-on bag or a large wallet, which is a convenient item for the attacker to pick up and make you lose your balance. Carrying large or heavy items that reduce your mobility can trigger attacks from people with malicious intentions.

If you have a lot of groceries to buy or need to bring a lot of stuff, bring a friend or bring a car. Especially for students – don’t walk home with a few bags of food. Keep moving and keep your arms and hands affordable.

Escape is the best defense

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, never try to “win” against your attacker. Your focus is on protecting your life, and the most reliable way to do that is to escape from your attacker.

If you feel threatened, get out of the area by running as fast as possible, preferably to a safe, densely populated and safe public area. Stay away from moving vehicles that can push you. Focus on creating distance and attracting attention.

Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself – grab other people’s attention by shouting for help if you feel threatened, or walk into a crowded store, mall or restaurant.

Remember, keep yourself out of the situation first before calling the police or using your phone to communicate with anyone.

Your first priority is to take yourself to a direct shelter, and then coordinate how you’re going home, next steps, etc. Make sure you are 100% safe from attackers before turning your attention to your phone for help.

Avoiding situations is the best defense

If you find yourself cornered in an attack, do a simple defensive strike using your weight to create a chance to fight. As well as using practical punches commonly used in martial arts.

Always look for your chance to escape. If there is no chance of escape, then create those opportunities.

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Healthy – Muslims Woman Protect

Be aware that being active and fit can save your life. We all know that escaping from dangerous situations is the best defense.

According to the National Council for Strength and Fitness, “the average man can run about 15 mph for a short time.” In an emergency, do you have the heart capacity to be able to escape from an attacker?

And, do you have the resilience to get away from dangerous situations to safer locations?

Of course, avoidance is the best way to keep yourself safe. Always travel in groups and avoid dangerous areas. However, keeping your body is just as important to ensure that if you want to escape danger, you are able to do so physically.

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