6 Ways of Allah to help Ashabul Kahfi (Islamic History)

Moslimdaily | The story of Ashabul Kahfi is certainly familiar to Muslims. The story begins with seven young men hiding in a cave to avoid the ruthless King Dikyanus.

By the power of God these young men had a long sleep of up to 309 years so that no troops were found.

When they wake up, they are confused because of the changing conditions of the times. Even the money they had, by then it was already a rare money of high selling value. Miraculously, however, nothing has changed from the physicality of these seven young men.

This is where Allah gives his signs. These hidden signs are known only to God and the person assigned to protect them. What are the signs of Allah to the Ashabul Kahfi? Here is the information that is summarized from sura Al Kahfi in the Qur’an.

The Location of the Cave Facilitates Their Lives

The first sign of Allah’s power to Ashabul Kahfi is the location of the Cave which eases their lives. In the cave they will be protected from the sun in the morning and evening.

There are Dogs That Accompany and Accompany Them


Apparently Allah also gave dogs to accompany and accompany them while in the cave. When the Ashabul Kahfi entered the cave, the dog stopped at the doorway while guarding them.

Then this stretched out his arms, then not like them.

Scorching Sun Does Not Fall on Them (Help of Allah)

The third thing that allah has given to Ashabul Kahfi is that the sun does not fall upon them. And Allah made the sun as though it were a man of understanding.

When it came up he kept his light away from the ashabul kahfi by leaning to the right. On the other hand, when it sets, he will stay away from them by moving to the left while the Ashabul Kahfi are in a wide place from the hot sun around the cave.

Their Bodies Are Not Worn Out Despite Sleeping for a Long Time

As it is known that Allah made the Ashabul Kahfi sleep for 309 years. However, even in such a long period of sleep does not make their body become worn out. In fact, the earth does not eat them.

When turned to the right, the left part of their body is used for air rotation, and vice versa, so that their bodies remain safe and well.

No One Tempts Them (Help of Allah)

Because they fall asleep for too long, it makes no one tease them. And We made their eyes frightened, so that they would flee from the cave, as if they were awake and able to see while they were asleep.

Allah Awakens Them from a Very Long Sleep

The last sign of God’s power to the Ashabul Kahfi is that Allah awakens them from sleep that reaches three hundred and nine years.

Such is the information about the six signs of Allah SWT’s power over the Ashabul Kahfi. It is not for Allah to do anything.

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