7 Angel mentioned in the Quran

Faith in angels is part of the Pillars of Faith. Faith in angels is believing in angels, even if man cannot see, grope or kiss them. It is believed that the angel is one of God’s creatures. The word faith which means ‘justify’ is mentioned in the Qur’an, among them in Surah At-Taubah verse 62 which means:

“He (Muhammad) justifies (trusting) Allah and justifies to those who believe. Faith in language means tashdiq or justifying.

In the term syar’i, faith is “Confidence in the heart, word in the mouth, practice with limbs, increases by obedience and decreases with maximality”.

That faith is directed towards God, the Scriptures, the Apostles, the angels, the final heart, the qada and the qadar. Just like humans. Angels also worship God, they never sin, and always fear and obey God.

Angels always glanses day and night never stops. Angels are pure of human and jinn traits, such as lust, hunger, pain, eating, sleeping, joking, arguing, not eating, not drinking. The angels do not commit anything He commands.

Angels can change their existence. Angels are supernatural creatures of God’s creation that cannot be seen, heard, tasted, kissed and felt by men, in other words invisible to the senses, unless the angel appears in a certain appearance, as the human face may seem.

Although humans cannot see angels but if God wills, the angels can be seen by humans, which usually happens to prophets and apostles.

Angels always appear in male form to prophets and apostles. It was like it happened to Ibrahim. The story of the Prophet Muhammad also met Jibril by showing his true form, the display shown to Muhammad twice, namely when receiving revelation and Isra and Mi’raj.

Angels have the power and speed of light that streaks extraordinary fast. Angels are never tired of doing what they are told. No one knows the exact number of angels, only God knows the number.

The Qur’an is the main source for the Islamic concept of angels. The angels Gabriel and Michael, named in the Qur’an, are the others simply referred to by their functions.

In some hadiths, angels are often assigned to only one particular phenomenon. Angels play an important role in Mi’raj literature, where Muhammad meets several angels during his journey in heaven.

The task given to angels is to communicate revelation from God, glorify God, record everyone’s actions, and take one’s soul at death.

Angels are a creation of Allah made of light (nur), while the proposition that strengthens this opinion is seen from the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), “Angels have been created from light.

The Angel mentioned in the Quran

1. Jibril (alaihissalam)

Gabriel is an angel in charge of delivering revelations from Allah to His Messenger. Other names are Jibril, ar Ruh (Spirit), ar Ruh al Qudus (Holy Spirit), ar Ruh al Ameen (Trusted Spirit), ar Ruh al Haq (Spirit of Truth) and an-Namus al Akbar.

(QS. al Baqarah, 97)
(QS. At-Tahrim:4)

2. Mika’il (alaihissalam)

Mika’il is the angel responsible for spreading sustenance wherever God wants.

(QS. al Baqarah, 98)

3. Israfil (alaihissalam) Israfil is an angel assigned to blow the trumpet on the Day of Resurrection.

(QS. al Naml, 87)
(QS. al Yasin, 51)
(QS. al Ta-ha, 108)
(QS. al Qamar, 8)

10 Names of Angels and Their Duties in Islam

4. Izrail (alaihissalam)

He is the angel of death who takes his life by the command of Allah Swt. He is mentioned in the hadiths and verses as the “Angel of Death.”

(QS. al Sajdah, 11)
(QS. al An’am, 61)
(QS. al A’raf, 37)

5. Kiram al Katibin

The “guardians” mentioned in the verses below are “Kiram al Katibin” two angels who record deeds.

(QS. al Infitar, 10-12).
(QS. al An’am, 61)

6. Hafaza (Guardian Angel)

7. Hamalat al-‘Arsh

They are angels carrying the throne mentioned in the following verse:

(QS. al Mu’min, 7)
(QS. al Haqqah:17)

8. The Angels of Harut and Marut

Harut and Martha were two angels sent by God to the land of Babylon. The names of these two angels are mentioned in the Qur’an in Al Baqarah verse 102.

The mufassirin differed in opinion about what the two angels were referring to. Some argue that they are angels, and others argue that those who are viewed as righteous are like angels, and others think that two evil men pretend to be righteous as angels.

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